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April 29, 2008


The 2008 Coachella music downloads page has been updated with an mp3s of performances by Tegan and Sara and Spiritualized.

The New York Daily News profiles the Tiny Masters of Today.

Michael Palms, co-owner of the club Southpaw in Park Slope, gives bands like Tiny Masters a regular venue. "They have the rock aesthetic in control," Palms said. "They write interesting songs about angst and rejecting pop culture, which is essentially what rock music is really all about."

Steve Earle talks politics with the Dallas Morning News.

Mr. Earle calls the U.S.-Mexican barrier "silly" and "especially ludicrous in Texas," which used to be part of Mexico. "Politicians go on about people coming across the border and taking people's jobs when the truth is a lot more jobs are being shipped wholesale overseas," he says. "Whenever immigration is thrown out there as a political issue, be very suspicious: They threw it out as an issue in Germany in the '30s."

The Los Angeles Times recaps its Coachella experience.

The Line of Best Fit interviews Mark Kozelek.

For April, or any of your albums for that matter, how does the writing process go? When listening to the songs it seems like they are connected but I’m sure some songs weren’t cut from the same cloth.

You’re right. They sound connected, because they were all sort of recorded at the same time. But the songs span some time. With this particular record, songs had been building up. But I was caught up with so much that I couldn't bring the songs to fruition. So I locked myself away for a little bit last year - turned the phone off - and they poured out.

T-shirt of the day: Attack of Literacy!

Film School Rejects lists the 15 "must see movies of summer 2008."

io9 offers a crash course in alternate history novels.

Minnesota Public Radio's The Current features Neva Dinova with an interview and in-studio performance.

Drowned in Sound interviews Bob Mould.

Rolling Stone lists its "best of rock: 2008."

The Los Angeles Times music blog reports that a couple became engaged during Spriritualized's set at Coachella.

The bride-to-be is looking for photographs of the proposal and acceptance:

I have some news to share and a plea for help. We got engaged at Coachella yesterday during the Spiritualized set (while they were covering Daniel Johnston's 'True Love Will Find You' and thought some of the people around us in the tent might be readers of your fine blog. We're looking for in the moment pics of Jim on his knee, etc. This was such an amazing moment for so many reasons, it really couldn't have been any more perfect. All the girls around us screamed when Jim dropped to his knee and I was beaming from ear to ear and bawling simultaneously.

There's an entry in the LA Times music blog, but we haven't had any response back there picture-wise. Could you be a saint and blog about this? We're both long-time readers of your blog: you once linked to pics I had up of Johnny Marr's solo tour of the States and you linked to downloads on the Taggart website (which is one of Jim's bands). Please help us LargeHeartedBoy- you're our only hope!

If you have any photos of this event, please leave a comment and a way for the bride-to-be to get in touch.

Daytrotter features some new songs by Death Cab for Cutie.

The Advocate profiles author Chuck Palahniuk.

After our mausoleum tour, Palahniuk admits that our trip itself was a pretext, a protective device. (Palahniuk declined to be interviewed at his home, and we agreed not to mention the name of his partner in the article.) It becomes clear this search for fresh structures for male contact is very real to him. He says he experiences a deep anxiety trying to relate to people without some activity to bring them together. “In my family we can’t just sit and be together,” he says. “We have to be shelling peas or husking corn or something. A larger task. Some way of being with people. I’m not good at it.” He and his partner live in a former church compound outside Vancouver, Wash., with no neighbors for a mile and a half in any direction. “That’s why we love it.”

ThisIsNotaLabel has created an indie music soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto IV.

L Magazine lists 8 NYC bands you "need to know."

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