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May 6, 2008


The New York Sun profiles Swedish singer-songwriter Anna Ternheim.

Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater and Okkervil River talks to the Daily Collegian.

Brian Wood: I've always been fascinated by musicians who have the energy and drive to perform in multiple bands, especially when they offer such different sounds, such as the case with Shearwater and Okkervil River. What does playing and writing music in each band really offer you from a creative standpoint and how do they differ?

Jonathan Meiburg: I think it's a great exercise for your brain. There is a great pleasure in being in a side band and reinforcing someone else's songs and trying to figure out what you can do to make the song better, there is a lot of freedom in it. Whereas when you are writing your own songs there is a very different sort of energy or power to it that is also really exciting, but to me it really feels less free once you've written the song. Your path is really laid out for you as to what you are supposed to do. And there is also a great difference between being the person who is standing up front and is sort of being the focus of the show versus being on the side and not necessarily being that person. Both are fun in completely different ways.

With the 100th anniversary of Ian Fleming approaching, the Guardian's books blog considers the literary snobbery surrounding his James Bond novels.

The Calgary Herald interviews Tokyo Police Club drummer Greg Alsop.

At Pitchfork, Peter Moren lists some of his favorite things.

Vanity Fair profiles James Frey, whose alleged memoir A Million Little Pieces caused a major literary controversy.

“Frankly, I don’t even care,” he says, exasperated, after I pushed him on the subject of the scandal for the 16th time. “I don’t care, if somebody calls [A Million Little Pieces] a memoir, or a novel, or a fictionalized memoir, or what. I could care less what they call it. The thing on the side of the book means nothing. Who knows what it is. It’s just a book. It’s just a story. It’s just a book that was written with the intention to break a lot of rules in writing. I’ve broken a lot of rules in a lot of ways. So be it.”

NPR's Morning Edition excerpts from Mary Tillman's book, Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman.

Drowned in Sound interviews Ade Blackburn of Clinic about the band's new album, Do It.

Reuters profiles the renaissance of Omaha's NoDo neighborhood, led by the founders of Saddle Creek records.

Last June, they opened a brick complex in NoDo housing their offices, the nearly 600-capacity club and bar Slowdown (named for an Omaha band Slowdown Virginia) and Film Streams, an independent non-profit movie theater. Tenants also include graphic artists, a skateboard shop and Urban Outfitters, downtown Omaha's first national retailer in decades.

This week Five Chapters is serializing new short fiction by Andrew Foster Altschul.

Rolling Stone interviews Liz Phair about the reissue of Exile in Guyville.

You've been critically attacked for most everything you've done since Exile in Guyville. How have you dealt with it?

It did bother me. I stopped reading press because I couldn't write. I couldn't deal with reading about what people thought about me all the time. But how could I escape it? Everyone was like, "You suck! You don't just suck, you really suck!" They were so angry, and I couldn't understand what made them so angry. I reserve fits of anger for people that I know who might have done something mean to me personally. I got into it with one writer who was like, "Do you know how personal that record was to everyone?" And I was like, "Do you know how personal it was to me?"

LiveDaily features a live, in-studio session by singer-songwriter Dawn Landes.

Martha Wainwright talks to the Guardian about the differences between herself and her brother Rufus.

"I tried to do things differently," she agrees. "Rufus sees everything like Dungeons and Dragons, and princesses and Versailles, and I see everything in a much more earthy way. Maybe that's why our styles are different - because you're taking up the slack of what's missing. And also [it was about] trying to get attention when you're the younger sibling. Always being different and angry. It was a cry for attention. Maybe that's in the songs as well. I don't know."

SFist interviews singer-songwriter Laura Veirs.

The Guardian's music blog points out the perils of pretentious album titles.

Bookslut's May issue is online.

The Telegraph travels through Jane Austen's haunts.

The Village Voice's Sound of the City blog interviews El Perro del Mar's Sarah Assbring.

WHYY's Fresh Air interviews Charles Ardai, founder of Hard Case Crime, a "pulp-fiction publishing group that reprints classic crime stories and publishes new pulp."

Esquire lists the five best TV show intros of all time.

Literature-map offers a visual map of similar authors.

T-shirt of the day: "WOXY '08: The True Independent"

The 2008 Coachella music downloads page has been updated with a bittorrent download of the show by Carbon/Silicon.

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