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May 12, 2008


For the conservative Christian music fan who has everything, Engadget points out a crucifix-shaped mp3 player.

Popmatters interviews Tod A of Firewater.

The Philadelphia Daily News previews the 2nd annual Philadelphia Book Festival, held May 19th and 20th.

Popmatters examines the music of Neko Case.

Our listening imaginations and our own notions of history and identity are invited to twist together with Case’s voice, and this twisting brings us closer, maybe, to using the wide expanses and variations of history to do something, because the world—as an idea and as a place within an old story—is worth saving. Such complicity and confession, such humor and empathy, may just work towards creating some sad but lifting redemption. Just air; more than air.

In the New York Times' Measure for Measure blog, Andrew Bird talks about recording his new album at the Wilco Loft.

Although I have a lot of excellent help, I’m producing my own record here, from microphone placement to deciding when to break for lunch. There’s a reason for the division of labor that was once the norm in the recording industry, where the producer took care of the details and delegation — even song choice — so that the musicians could just focus on performing. I’d love to be coddled and just walk on to a soundstage and do my job, but I’m afraid that relinquishing control would ultimately result in a limiting of imagination.

The Boston Globe calls for a scientific approach to literary criticism and studies.

Literary studies should become more like the sciences. Literature professors should apply science's research methods, its theories, its statistical tools, and its insistence on hypothesis and proof. Instead of philosophical despair about the possibility of knowledge, they should embrace science's spirit of intellectual optimism. If they do, literary studies can be transformed into a discipline in which real understanding of literature and the human experience builds up along with all of the words.

Apex, the science fiction and horror quarterly magazine, is offering lifetime subscriptions for $100.

The New York Times profiles the indie music scene of Denton, Texas.

Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy is currently a show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The New Yorker features new short fictin, "East Wind," by Julian Barnes.

Reuters reports that Neil Young has had a spider (Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi) named after him.

The Times Online reports that Salman Rushdie is the bookies' favorite to win the "best of the Booker" prize with his novel, Midnight's Children.

Polling opens today to the public. Through libraries, reading groups, retailers and the website, the organisers expect millions of people across the globe to register votes. In 1993 the Booker celebrated its 25th anniversary with a Booker of Bookers. It was won by Midnight’s Children. William Hill has installed Rushdie as the favourite with odds of 6/4, followed by Barker (3/1), Carey (4/1), Coetzee (5/1), Gordimer (8/1) and Farrell (10/1).

Wired's Listening Post blog updates the Hype Machine sale/investment rumors.

Volodkin (above) told us this was not very accurate and said said the rumor may have gotten started because "we've been talking to lots of people."

He continued, "[there's] not much to comment on until we have something to announce." It sounds like some sort of deal announcement could be forthcoming, but that it may not have happened yet.

Author Louise Erdrich talks to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about her writing and her new novel, The Plague of Doves.

The infrastructure of her novels, however, rests in her love of the short story, especially as practiced by Flannery O'Connor, Richard Bausch, and her neighbor, Charles Baxter, among others.

"I just have to have stories within the novel," she said. "I'm like (Haruki) Murakami, who puts little stories within his novels and his people can't help it, they just have to tell these stories."

Whichbook helps you choose a book to read as you define the plot elements of the books you enjoy.

Egghub is a personal online music CD database.

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