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May 14, 2008


Destroyer's Dan Bejar talks to the Calgary Herald.

"I could care less about that," he says about a glowing, four-star review his album recently received in Rolling Stone magazine. "That magazine is . . . you know, I don't go out of my way to say positive or negative things about it. It has no effect on anything I think about. A four-star review may move more units in some instances. But I don't think that's the case here."

SF Weekly profiles the Dirtbombs.

Collins offers high-intensity performances both onstage and in the studio: The singer isn't one to waste his breath eking out a pity party. On Surrounded, the Dirtbombs' most fully realized album yet, Collins uses his hefty baritone to cheekily assess the wreckage. He cries out about the "sandpapery feeling across my skin lets me know ... you got what you wanted" on "It's Not Fun Until They See You Cry." On "Ever Lovin' Man," his voice cracks as he wails about wanting to hold his lady tight while "the empire falls." And an itchy bassline gets scratched on "I Hear the Sirens" before he warns, "I hear the sirens calling out to me/They are saying you will never be free/Long as you hear me."

RIP, author Oakley Hall.

The East Bay Express profiles Vetiver.

Vetiver's last album, To Find Me Gone, was one of my favorite records of 2006. For some reason, I felt like I was supposed to like Califone more at the time, but Vetiver kept drawing me in with its folky, spooky, knock-your-socks-off songs. So it was with both enthusiasm and trepidation that I approached the band's new covers album, Thing of the Past. It's not too often that a band pulls off the covers concept in a satisfying way, but if anyone, Vetiver's talented leader Andy Cabic could carry the band through.

Wikipedia lists actors who have played comic book characters.

Defamer lists the top five most cringeworthy facial hair moments In cinematic history.

First Second offers a 21-page excerpt from Jessica Abel & Matt Madden's new book about creating comics and graphic novels, Drawing Words & Writing Pictures.

see also: Abel's Largehearted Boy Book Notes essay for her graphic novel, La Perdida

Minneapolis City Pages interviews Bon Iver's Justin Vernon.

RIP artist Robert Rauschenberg.

WXPN's World Cafe features Kaki King with an interview and in-studio performance.

Former Chavez and Zwan member Matt Sweeney talks to Billboard about working with Neil Diamond.

In general, I'd love to have your thoughts on the experience. Were you a fan of his music before you started working on the album?

I've been a fan of Neil Diamond since before I could talk; my mom still always plays his music. In high school my friends and I would freak out to [Diamond's famed 1973 live album] "Hot August Night" -- my friend Lee Hetfield could lip-synch the entire album. I am a giant fan.

The Los Angeles Times' Jacket Copy blog lists its favorite books about presidential campaigns.

CMJ's staff blog interviews Kristin Hersh about her live spoken word project, "Paradoxical Undressing."

What made you decide to present the readings in this mixed media/music style? And is there any chance you’ll take this show on tour?

My husband/manager convinced me to perform excerpts from the book as readings. Again, talking out loud, of all things! He’s very smart but also very mean. I had to be allowed to play guitar throughout, as it’s a physical imperative for me. I also play pieces of solo and Throwing Muses songs. This means that I’m not entirely out of my comfort zone. If the right kinds of spaces are available to me, I may in fact tour Paradoxical Undressing because I think the effect of this performance is more convincing than either music or readings alone. The accompaniment colors the text and the interspersed songs refer to the material in the readings. The artist Molly Cliff Hilts, whose paintings I use as backdrops, paints to my music. It all intertwines nicely, and none of it is as hard to understand as an evening of fairly complex music might be if you don’t speak the language ‘music.’

Yuppie Punk offers a "(not so) complete history of literary tattoos.

Muchmusic's blog lists the ten worst ways to behave at concerts.

Drowned in Sound interviews Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords.

Are there any 'serious' artists out there you think have a comedic touch that gets overlooked?

A lot of my favourite songwriters have a sense of humour in their songs; Paul Simon captures moments in conversations that I find funny. Like in ‘America’, "She said the man in the gabardine coat was a spy, I said be careful his bow tie is really a camera". Leonard Cohen has so many great, dark, funny lyrics - "I fought against the bottle, but I had to do it drunk". Then there’s others, people like Tom Waits, Snoop Dogg... and Beck.

Minnesota Public Radio's The Current features singer-songwriter Cameron McGill with an in-studio performance and interview.

At Drowned in Sound, Explosions in the Sky drummer Chris Hrasky offers a guide to the bands playing the All Tomorrow's Parties festival the band curated.

Animal Collective

It kinda just turned out that a lot of the bands we picked go well with each other, like Animal Collective and Broken Social Scene. It really was very much like, “If we were going to go to a festival, who would we wants to see?” Whether or not they sounded alike or had anything in common wasn’t important to us, but all of these bands are bands we love and we want other people to see them as well.

T-shirt of the day: "Comma Sutra"

At her Monitor Mix blog, Carrie Brownstein has created an "underdogs" mixtape.

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