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June 21, 2008


The 2008 Bonnaroo music download page has been updated with an mp3 download of My Morning Jacket's set; videos of the sets by Les Claypool, Drive-By Truckers, and Metallica; and bittorrent lossless downloads of performances by Robert Plant & Allison Krauss.

Metallica's set is available for purchase at

The Globe and Mail reviews Tim Winton's new novel, Breath.

Winton, the author most recently of the story collection The Turning, turns out sentences that are, at once, straightforward and eloquent; the deceptive power of his fiction comes from his careful portrayals of his characters, who are revealed through surefooted passages of dialogue and description, and from his close attachment to the people and places of western Australia.

Japanator has started a list of the top Japanese albums of 2008.

Exorcising Ghosts is an online resource for information and news about author Haruki Murakami .

The New York Times profiles San Diego's summer Comic-Con convention.

But while movie and television presentations can seem to overwhelm the convention, according to Comic-Con officials they still account for only about 22 percent of its scheduled programming, most of which revolves around the intricacies of creating or collecting comics and graphic novels.

The Telegraph lists the 50 "best ever" summer holiday books, has celebrities choose their favorite summer books, and lists the year's best new books.

LAist interviews Ed Park, Believer editor and author of the novel Personal Days.

Your debut novel, Personal Days, is a darkly comic peek into the ominous world of office life – a life of employees not knowing what they're supposed to do, of wondering when/if they might be fired by unnamed and unknown superiors. You capture this particular brand of cubicle terror so well, it seems highly likely you experienced a bit of this yourself in real life. What cubicle drudgery did you endure?

I worked for probably too long as a copy editor at the Village Voice, before becoming a senior editor and reviewer. Copy editing wasn't always a bad thing, because a lot of the articles back then were very interesting and vigorously written—in a way they were helping me get acquainted with the city that would become my home, and if I got paid for reading them, all the better. But then you'd have to re-read the pieces a couple more times when they reached the proof stage—not a bad skill to develop, but not terribly thrilling.

Independent Weekly profiles the artistic side of Robert Pollard.

The collages often seem to comment on the naïve optimism of the '50s and early '60s, as witnessed through the marketing images. "I like to work with older images [because] for the most part, they're in Technicolor," Pollard says.

The New York Times reviews poet Sarah Manguso's memoir, The Two Kinds of Decay.

The author of two books of poetry, Manguso brings the virtues of that form to the task of writing memoir. Her book is divided mostly into one- and two-page chapters titled like poems. She mixes high and low language, the crass and the scientific, with a lyric poet’s sure-handedness. The chapters themselves — among them “The Hematologist,” “The Forgetful Nurse,” “Corroboration” — resemble her own poetry, broken into aphoristic, discrete sections on the page. This disjointedness gives the prose a rhythm that mirrors the confusion and fragmentation of illness.

In her Monitor Mix blog, Carrie Brownstein compares the US presidential candidates (and their prospective VP candidates) as bands, and invites commenters to do the same.

I'll now propose a new, albeit unscientific method for deciding the best Vice Presidential choice and I hope you'll join me in making suggestions. Let's view the candidates as bands or musicians. Who would be the best supporting act in order to woo the most diverse group of concert-goers or fans? For instance, if Barack Obama is The Who--with grandiose ideas, a penchant for risk taking and rule breaking, and a somewhat flashy demeanor--then maybe the supporting act should be steadier, someone like CCR, who convey a different sense of tradition. And if John McCain is Lynyrd Skynyrd--attempting to walk a fine line between mass appeal and rebel stance, less eloquent in phraseology but not lacking in intelligence--maybe Modest Mouse should be the opener; a band with more finesse and artfulness, but one that still conveys a sense of workmanship.

Billboard interviews Sub Pop Records co-founder Jonathan Poneman.

Q: Lots of people buy albums just because they are released by Sub Pop. How have you built this up during the life of the label?

Poneman: The first time we really thought consciously about this was in the early '90s. We were thinking about signing non-grunge acts, and the debate over it lasted about five minutes before we realized we'd be fools not to. In a way, I think we reflect the collections of most music fans; unless you are a hardcore genre aficionado, your collection is probably diverse. We were much more regimented early on, but now I think we are just focused on quality and making an impact.

Entertainment Weekly lists the best albums from 1983-2008. The magazine also lists the best books and films from that same period.

The Guardian's music blog offers an explanation about the selection process for the newspaper's "great lyricist" booklets. (The Guardian eventually chose Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, Chuck D, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Morrissey and Alex Turner)

There was, first, the small matter of which eight artists to include - they had to be suitably well-known that the majority of our readers would have heard of them, so this meant that some magnificent lyricists - Will Oldham, Smog, Joanna Newsom, and John Darnielle among them - were deemed too obscure.

Golden Age Comics offers free and legal comic book downloads of works out of copyright.

Just One More Book!! is a podcast dedicated to children's literature.

The Guardian lists 50 essential CDs from around the world.

White Denim creates a mixtape for Drowned in Sound.

Southern Shelter is sharing mp3s of a recent Athens show by Harvey Milk.

IGN lists 10 albums that need to be on the Rock Band video game.

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