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July 2, 2008


The Guardian's music blog makes a point that more bands should split up sooner.

Just imagine if Oasis had split in 1996. We'd be able to wistfully look back (without anger, naturally) at that band who went from The Water Rats to Knebworth in two years without having our memories tainted by images of Liam writing daft songs about kids. Or indeed every record Oasis released this decade.

Time Out New York examines the trend of more indie rock acts showing up as late night television guests.

White Rabbits—whose performance was zealous and youthful—were selected by Letterman for the same cloudy reasoning that has drawn people to songs for centuries: “There was just something about the band that I gravitated to,” explains Late Show music-segment producer Sheryl Zelikson. Nevertheless, their appearance was indicative of trends from the past few years, during which indie rock’s stock has swelled, mainstream radio has collapsed and the sight of low-profile acts on network programs has become increasingly commonplace. In some ways, today’s climate seems like a return to earlier transitional eras that saw punks like Fear on SNL (1981) or Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan Show (a bit earlier). “When we got the White Stripes on Letterman in 2001, it seemed like a wildly bizarre thing,” says Chloë Walsh, co-owner of Press Here Publicity. “But bookers have become really open to taking chances. Bands will have a few reviews and a lot of blog coverage, and the next logical step is to get a TV show.”

Cycling News interviews Lance Armstrong about his musical tastes.

Procycling: You're quite the music buff. What's new on your iPod right now?

LA: One of the coolest songs I have ever heard, I was just talking to somebody about it today. Have you ever heard of the band Death Cab for Cutie? Their new single is one of the most kick-ass songs I have heard in a long time. It's called I Will Possess Your Heart and it's eight and a half minutes long, it's so bad-ass. What else did I get lately? I can't run without music, I can tell you that much.

MTV lists its best albums of 2008 so far.

Marketwatch profiles Blender editor Joe Levy.

Levy wants Blender's stories to mirror the kind of experience a music fan can get from his or her iPod, "shuffling from revelation to revelation."

"We don't want to be like a history lesson," Levy told me. "We're the only party you want to be at, where the beer never runs out and there are actually girls there."

T-shirt of the day: "Hope Is the New Black"

Bam! Kapow! lists 15 of the greatest black superheroes of all time.

The A.V. Club interviews Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Ed O'Brien.

AVC: Sounds like fans might not have to wait another four years for the next record.

TY: We try to keep the momentum of the operation going. Lots of times, if you stop too long, there's no momentum and it takes a lot to pick it back up again. We've had such a positive response to this. We're human; we lose our confidence far too quickly. It's nice to have our confidence. That's the biggest influence on things at the moment, being reasonably confident for a change.

WNYC's John Schaefer creates a mixtape for a road trip.

Newsweek offers summer reading suggestions.

Status Ain't Hood is still posting for a couple of days, and lists its favorite albums of the second quarter of 2008. lists 100 addictive music sites.

Publishers Weekly interviews comics writer Brian K. Vaughan.

Drowned in Sound recaps June's music releases.

The A.V. Club interviews Silver Jews frontman Dave Berman and his bandmate (and wife) Cassie.

At NPR's All Things Considered, Jonathan Raban sings the praises of Evelyn Waugh's novel Put Out More Flags.

Since then, I've read Put Out More Flags at least once a year and found new pleasures in it on every rereading. It's set in England's darkest hour, between the autumn of 1939 and the summer of 1940, when Britain was faced with imminent invasion by Nazi Germany after its army was routed in France and landed up on the desperate beaches of Dunkirk.

IGN creates an ultimate Beck mix CD.

Mashable lists 30+ sites for free and legal music.

Stepcase Lifehack lists 8 good reasons to be a lousy musician.

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