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August 5, 2008


The 2008 Lollapalooza music downloads page has been updated with mp3 downloads of the Explosions in the Sky and Wilco sets, as well as a video download of the Wilco performance.

Decatur, Georgia's Wordsmith's Books (my second favorite independent bookstore in the world behind Largehearted Boy sponsor Atomic Books in Baltimore) is soliciting help to keep its doors open and reduce its debt.

The Guardian's music blog examines ghostwriting in hip hop.

The Wall Street Journal revisits the works of Evelyn Waugh.

The New York Daily News examines actors who try to play musicians.

Popmatters interviews Juliana Hatfield, whose memoir, When I Grow Up, is out this fall.

Your memoir, to come out this September, is called When I Grow Up. The suggestion of the title is that you aren’t grown-up yet, though you were born in 1967.

The book is all about doing this job that I do, which is kind of a young person’s game. I am coming to the point in my life where I’m questioning my lifestyle and my job. The book is both a detailed diary of [a] month-long tour and the history of my career in music, which goes back as early as my childhood and moves up through music college, Blake Babies, then my solo career, up to recording my most recent album, How to Walk Away. In the book, I find myself doing another tour of these skuzzy rock clubs and thinking, “Is this what a grown-up woman really should still be doing?" It questions where I am in life and if I should maybe move on and grown up. Is staying in the music business keeping me from maturing? lists 50 of the best websites for writers.

The August issue of Bookslut is online, and includes interviews with Chris Adrian, Jancee Dunn, and much more.

The Bismarck Tribune searches out several companies that advertised in comic books years ago.

The Walkmen's Daytrotter session was posted yesterday, and includes 4 unreleased songs.

Conor Oberst gives a track-by-track breakdown of his self-titled album (out today) to MTV News.

Scientific American interviews Shearwater's Jonathan Meiburg.

You seem to have two parallel existences: One as a musician on the road, which is often harshly real and urban, and another as a sort of wide-eyed appreciator of nature.

I don't count [touring in a rock band] as traveling. You see dark rock clubs in cities all over the place. But I do love making music. If you could eliminate the riding in a van part of it or the having to wait for your reviews to come in part of it or all the parts that are not so much fun, we'd happily do it forever.

And making music, when it's good, has that same sort of expansive open feeling that doing fieldwork does. You can feel your mind opening and accepting things as they come to you and really trying to see what's going on in a visceral, metaphorical way.

The Indianapolis Star interviews Wilco's John Stirratt.

The Houston Chronicle's TechBlog lists 15 geek novels to read before you die.

Create your own superhero at

The Word Nerds is a fascinating self-described "podcast about language."

Minnesota Public Radio's The Current features the Ting Tings with an interview and in-studio performance.

David Byrne & Brian Eno are offering a free mp3 download from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today at the album's website.

The Mental Floss blog lists 5 legendary keyboards (and the sings that made them famous).

Comic Book Resources offers a video interview with Method Man about his graphic novel.

Randy Newman plays guest DJ for NPR's All Songs Considered.

At NPR's All Things Considered, Alain de Botton lists three books for short attention spans:

Maxims, by Francois de La Rochefoucauld, paperback, 128 pages
Human, All-Too-Human, by Friedrich Nietzsche, paperback, 480 pages
The Unquiet Grave, by Cyril Connolly, paperback, 160 pages

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