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August 9, 2008


The Detroit Free Press lists five ideas to improve book clubs.

BBC News examines the enduring appeal of the works of author Alexander Dumas.

The Times Online interviews author Kate Atkinson.

Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene talks to the Ottawa Citizen about the indie rock band playing folk festivals.

"I don't think it's that big of a stretch seeing as how folk music can be reinterpreted and redefined as time goes on," says Brendan Canning, one of the group's frontmen. "It's music for the folks -- it could be anything. It depends on where you live, I guess. It's music for the community."

In the Telegraph, Zadie Smith writes an essay about Kafka.

Airborne Toxic Event frontman Mike Jollett talks to the Los Angeles Times about the band's success.

The group had no label, no manager, no publicist and a baffling moniker (from a bureaucratic term in Don DeLillo's 1985 comic novel "White Noise"). But when the song showed up on KROQ, industry types started sniffing around.

"The phone just started ringing off the hook," said Jol- lett, whose work as a writer included occasional pop music stories for The Times. "And every single cliché about the record industry is true. People offering you drugs, telling you how famous they can make you, how much you need them in order for it to happen, how if you don't do X, Y and Z it's not gonna happen."

The New York Times reviews Haruki MUrakami's new book, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.

To characterize it as briefly as possible: easy on ear and mind alike, it’s the type of prose I would call sort of pretty poor. Running is “sort of a vague theme” (i.e., not just vague but vaguely vague), and the book is “a kind of memoir.” Murakami sort of likes this kind of thing, not just as an indistinct modifier but as a form of category-definition. He’s the “type of person,” “kind of person” — I lost track of the number of times this came up — who likes “sort of laid-back” music and is “sort of a brazen person” who sometimes has “a sort of arrogant attitude.”

The Telegraph also reviews the book.

The Mountain Goats have been added to the lineup of next week's Rocky Mountain Folks Festival.

neilb has created a "unified list of the best 100 novels."

The New York Observer profiles McNally Robinson, a thriving local independent bookstore.

“People love writing the story of independent bookstores being foolhardy and failing,” she said last Friday afternoon, perched noncommittally on a couch in the living room of her new Brooklyn apartment. “People love that story, and that’s almost the only thing I get called about. A bookstore closes somewhere in Manhattan or in New Jersey, and someone calls and wants a quote about, you know, how grim it is to be an independent bookstore. And I just say, ‘I won’t talk to you.’ I’m sick of this story. It’s not even a valid story.”

NPR's All Things Considered excerpts from Tim Stark's book, Heirloom: Notes from an Accidental Tomato Farmer.

The new Birdmonster album, From the Mountain to the Sea, is available digitally at Amazon and on iTunes (the CD will be released September 2nd.

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