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August 11, 2008


Metromix Detroit lists 10 Detroit driving songs.

The New York Sun profiles author and singer-songwriter Shel Silverstein.

Gothamist interviews Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls.

You keep an incredibly personal blog where you interact with a lot of fans and tend to share very intimate details of your life. Do you ever get in trouble for oversharing?

Only with my mother. I think she doesn’t do it so much anymore. She used to chastise me not even for writing about family things, but career things. She would come at me with, ‘You don’t write in your blog that Jimmy Kimmel looks stoned, Amanda!’ And sure enough the next day my publicist calls me up and is like ‘You have to take that off your blog. The Kimmel people are freaking out!’

The Houston Chronicle profiles Wild Sweet Orange.

Birmingham has become a favorite town for many touring indie-rock bands. Kilpatrick says the band sometimes wishes it wasn't from Birmingham so it could pass through town on a tour. "There's a great venue called Bottletree," he says. "They wanted to make the perfect place for bands; there are massage chairs and vegan food. They have this old Airstream trailer from the '70s. It's a fancy hangout, and not the typical bar you roll up to where nobody cares who you are. But there are a lot of great places in Birmingham. It's a beautiful city. I've lived there my whole life."

Pitchfork interviews Justice.

Pitchfork: Where do you want to go? Because you said "project"-- do you see Justice as a project more than a band?

X: It's definitely a band, but it's a whole project. Making music is not just about making music. Since you are pressing records with a cover or making videos or performing-- it's the whole that you have to think about. So yeah, it's a project and in this project music is the main thing.

Express interviews John David about his solo career and the breakup of Georgie James.

EXPRESS: So what is it about D.C. bands and the tendency to split up?

» DAVIS: I don't know of too many towns where the bands don't break up but certainly D.C. is famous for that. As I've grown up here there have been so many bands that have broken up after a brief career. Like, "Oh man, Rites of Spring was so good but they only did that one record or Slant 6 only did two." There was always this feeling that the bands wouldn't last that long. But really, it's a three-to-four-year process to get an album out and support it and then do a second one . . .

In the Boston Globe, author Allegra Goodman offers advice on how to become a writer.

PC Magazine lists its top 100 undiscovered websites, and includes 6 music sites in the list.

The Guardian's books blog lists the top 10 literary virgins.

The Wilmington Star News profiles author Clyde Edgerton, whose latest novel The Bible Salesman is out today.

Popmatters also interviews Edgerton.

The Guardian's books blog examines the history (and future) of writing erotic fiction.

RIP, Isaac Hayes

LA Observed shares one of the singer-songwriter's last interviews.

NewsFlavor lists 11 great Barack Obama shirts you may have overlooked.

Southern Shelter is sharing mp3s of an enjoyable recent show by Wings cover band Hi Hi Hi (featuring The Late B.P. Helium and Madeline).

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