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August 15, 2008


USA Today profiles two pop icons at 50: Michael Jackson and Prince.

The Washington Times lists the top 5 accordion rock songs.

ESPN readers interview Scott McCaughey (Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows) about his latest band The baseball Project, and its album, Frozen Ropes and Dying Quail, Vol. 1.

Christophe, belgium: hey scott, who do you wanna collaborate with for volume 2?

SportsNation Scott McCaughey: I'm hoping David Wells will play some sax on the next record. Also it'd be nice if guys like Tweedy and Westerberg would get off their lazy asses and write songs for me, so I can devote more time to my true love, collecting shards.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that many of the city's indie music venues will host Republican fundraisres this summer during the Republican National Convention.

"Anybody who's been in the club business knows you have to be willing to do just about anything to make money," said Dario Anselmo, owner of the Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis, which once hosted fundraisers for Bill Clinton and the late Paul Wellstone. Come Sept. 1-4, the Fine Line will cater to Republican partiers with performers such as Big Head Todd and Robert Earl Keen.

The Hollywood Reporter interviews composer Danny Elfman.

THR: What drives you to do all this work outside of film?

Elfman: For 10 years I had two simultaneous and competitive careers. My band Oingo Boingo and, with the introduction of "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" (1985), a new, terrifying career in film music. At the time, I thought it was driving me crazy; but now, in hindsight, it was keeping me sane. I've always got a war going on inside me and at least in those days, the battle lines were clear: If I was on a tour, having to repeat my repertoire every night, I'd long for the luxury of scoring a film where I could be working on a new piece of music every day. If I were in the middle of a film score, I would inevitably find myself at that stage -- where I often still do -- when the possibility of finishing the entire work on time seems completely impossible, like finding yourself exhausted on a strenuous mountain climb and realizing that you're barely halfway up. At those points, I'd long for the simplicity of going out onstage and knowing exactly what my job was and what was expected of me. Not to mention the sweat.

The Duluth Budgeteer interviews Aesop Rock.

I really enjoyed your collaboration with John Darnielle from the Mountain Goats (on the “None Shall Pass” track “Coffee”), how did that come about? Did you guys meet at a show? Also: Are there any other musicians working today who you’d like to work with?

Thanks, man. My brother introduced me to the Mountain Goats’ music sometime around 1994, and it blew my mind. I had never heard a non-rap act pay that much attention to lyric writing, and treating lyrics as an “art.” It was apparent from the first few words out of his mouth that this man was a writer. He could play guitar too, but it sounded more like a platform for this unique style of singing. You could tell he was writing things that were meant to be said out loud, instead of read.

Many years went by when I would listen to nothing but hip-hop and the Mountain Goats. John was almost like an emcee to me. When I first saw them live, that became even more clear. He really controlled the crowd’s every emotion for the length of his set, whether it was one song or one hour of songs. He was, for lack of a better word, a hero to me.

PopMatters interviews filmmaker Guy Maddin.

The Indianapolis Star profiles Dodge Lile of the music blog My Old Kentucky Blog.

Lile says he believes his blog is successful not only because it opened up other money-making opportunities such as concert promotions and his radio show, but also because of the personal satisfaction he gets from it.

"It's just another way for me to use my brain," he says. "And it provides an outlet for my love of music."

KCRW's Bookworm features an interview with cartoonist Art Spiegelman. is an open blog featuring illustrations inspired by books. offers a variety of free and legal mp3 downloads (at the bottom of the page).

Sound Opinions features an interview with actress Zoey Deschanel about her musical collaboration with M. Ward, She and Him.

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