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September 3, 2008


Metromix Los Angeles lists five reasons Nine Inch Nails are the coolest band in the world.

The Chicago Sun-Times interviews Andrew Bird.

Q. Your music seems to be all about spaces. What does a room add to the recording?

A. I’ve actually thought a lot about this lately. I guess I should blog about it. [Laughs] Sometimes the atmosphere can be wonderful and everyone is happy and well-adjusted and for whatever reason you don’t get your best work in there. Or you can be totally miserable in a basement in February with no windows and get your best work. Sometimes the room itself can bring things out of you. That Wilco loft sounds so good because [singer Jeff Tweedy] has 100 beautiful, vintage guitars sitting out on racks, all of them resonating to the sounds you make. Otherwise, it’s just a cinder-block warehouse. But it’s full of these beautiful, rare instruments that make you feel like a beautiful, rare instrument.

WSOE lists the top alternative albums of the summer.

Entertainment Weekly profiles the videogames Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and examines their effects on the music industry.

FactMagazine lists the 20 best industrial and EBM albums of all time.

Is this a leaked Pitchfork review of the leaked new Mogwai album?

San Diego CityBeat profiles the Donkeys.

To be fair, The Donkeys are also rock ’n’ roll, but different than the latest wave of local garage bands. Their cosmic, country-tinged pop exudes starry-eyed wonderment. They’re less Gories, more Gram Parsons and much more fitting for a coastal drive than a basement-party soundtrack.

The Guardian's Books blog rediscovers the glories of literary chapbooks.

WIBW lists the 2008 Kansas notable book list.

The Tulsa World lists the 10 finalists for Oklahoma's official state rock song.

Wales Online offers a bluffer's guide to the music of Micah P Hinson.

What does he sound like?

It’s perhaps an acquired taste. His initials may be MPH but he sings slower than a stoned tortoise. He’s got a deep, resonant voice that could add a world-weary gravitas to any phrase, even ‘Yes, Mrs Miggins, my Timmy’s got trouser trouble.’ That’s not actually one of his lyrics, more’s the pity. He’s a lot more serious than that. But his music is a mix of Johnny Cash country, aching gospel and indie rock.

Top Shelf Comix is holding a "Massive $3 Sale," with many graphic novels only $3. profiles rocker Todd Rundgren's son, Rex, a minor league shortstop.

The new issue of the Oxford American is dedicated to post-Katrina New Orleans.

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