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September 11, 2008


Time Out Chicago profiles the Bound Stems.

In many ways, The Family Afloat sounds like a band recovering its confidence: anthemic sing-alongs piled with endless layers of multitracked vocals sung with a gleeful spirit evoking the ensemble’s core camaraderie. “One thing I really love about singing these [new] songs,” Porche says, “is that feeling like we’re all in there, just screaming our hearts out—sometimes to each other, sometimes at whatever we’re facing.”

Emmylou Harris shares her week with the Telegraph.

PopMatters interviews authors Ann and Jeff VanderMeer about the recently published compilation they edited, Steampunk.

On the topic of getting writers together, there’s a perception, or perhaps a cliché, that all of the punk variants are boys’ clubs, and I was wondering if there was any difficulty with that in assembling the volume—was it harder to find stories by women?

AV: Well, I did have a hard time finding more—you can tell by looking at the table of contents. We did try to seek that out as much as we could, but there’s only so much research, and going through dusty used bookstores you can do to find everything you possibly can. And I don’t know if that’s because there weren’t as many women writing steampunk over the past twenty years. I think you see a lot more of it now. One of the stories that you see in there that’s from a relatively new writer, “Reflected Light” [by Rachel E. Pollack], is actually from a magazine called Steampunk Magazine, and a lot of the writers in that magazine are women. You see a lot more of that now, than I think you did in the 1980s.

Webcomic of the day: "Sympathies to the band"

The A.V. Club lists films that make a point of turning viewers into voyeurs.

Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus offers a visual map between words of similar meanings.

CT2 digs up science fiction author Robert Heinlein's form letter for answering fan mail.

DeZeen displays vases made from books.

Alissa Torrez talks to amNY about her graphic novel, American Widow.

"Everybody is telling the story of 9/11, but here's my personal story," Torres says. "Writing gave me the ability to finally have a say in what the story was, and to have some sense of control over the story of what happened. That's great and that's therapeutic."

The Riverfront Times interviews singer-songwriter Tift Merritt.

Paste interviews Matthew Sweet about his new album, Sunshine Lies.

Paste: Because you have a gift for melody, do you worry about your music being too nice?

Sweet: I thought about that more in the early days of my career because everything sounded softer and nicer than I wanted, but at this point I like those kinds of songs too. If they’re missing, I worry about that. That’s why John Lennon was my hero. He could do something sweet like “Julia” and then do something cool and psychedelic like “I Am the Walrus.” That’s the pinnacle of self-expression to me- if you’re gonna be a songwriter you should reflect all parts of your life.

The Arizona Daily Star interviews Joey Burns of Calexico.

The New York Observer examines the musical side of the Brooklyn Book Festival.

The city's intelligentsia is gearing up for the 2008 Brooklyn Book Festival this Sunday, at which some 150 authors—ranging from Joan Didion and Jimmy Breslin to the Jonathans Lethem and Franzen—will be in attendance. But we'd be lying if we said that we weren't the most excited for the chat that's supposed to go down between icons of cool Ian MacKaye (founder of the legendary punk rock label Dischord Records and former member of the rock-snob approved hardcore bands Minor Threat and Fugazi) and Thurston Moore (shaggy-haired eternally boyish looking guitarist for Sonic Youth).

The Guardian's music blog examines the power of producers in the modern music business.

Mini Book Expo makes a variety of review copies of books available to bloggers (and anyone willing to write a review).

The ADD Blog at Comic Book Galaxy lists the 100 must-read graphic novels.

Home Interiors Zone shares 31 modern and creative bookshelves.

WFMU's Beware of the Blog offers mp3s of the Vivian Girls' recent WFMU in-studio performance.

Pop Candy continues stocking its high school survival kit with a list of 25 great high school books.

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