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September 29, 2008


Joey Burns of Calexico talks to the Los Angeles Times about the band's Carried to Dust.

Metromix New York interviews Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab.

Do you get tired of being called a "Marxist pop" band?

No, not at all. We're going through a big recession and credit crunch and I think we should totally dig out Marx's books and work on it. There are solutions. We don't have to have this dysfunctional system. I think, on the contrary, more than ever today, I am proud to have revolutionary leanings.

Salon interviews Juliana Hatfield.

In the book, were you trying to demystify the image of being in a rock life.

I guess I wanted to demystify it, but mostly I just wanted to tell the truth about my own experience. I never had an image or public persona that I cultivated. I really just wanted to tell the truth about myself and my life and music. I thought it might be really interesting for people to know what happens behind the scenes on a small club tour.

see also: Hatfield's recent Largehearted Boy Book Notes essay for her memoir, When I Grow Up

MTV profiles the steampunk subculture.

Downtown Journal interviews Chuck Klosterman about his novel, Downtown Owl.

Why did you decide to try fiction?

… There are certain things you can’t do in nonfiction. There are certain things about writing … If you write in a nonfictional, journalistic context, any sort of opinion or idea you have is going to be associated with the way you view the world. Sometimes it’s sort of nice to be able to create a character, have them say something interesting or entertaining, but isn’t necessarily my perspective or my world view.

From a Sci-Fi Standpoint lists the top 5 imaginary literary works from science fiction.

PopMatters interviews Tom Morello (Nightwatchmen, rage Against the Machine).

io9 examines the burial rituals and final resting places of famous science fiction authors.

Vinyl Remarks is an online community that collects the messages found on records between the run-out groove and the label.

Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey talk to NPR's All Things Considered about their compilation, State by State: A Panoramic Portrait of America.

The Guardian books blog explains why DC Comics' Minx graphic novel imprint failed.

There's no point launching an imprint to persuade girls to swap manga for western comics if the quality is still shaky. Both the genre and the audience will have to be built more slowly.

Smashing Magazine lists 60 concert posters from 10 great artists.

Ars Technica profiles singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton.

It's an odd kind of fame, built from the ground up, and strangely contextual. At some locations, Coulton is treated nearly like a god, but in most places he's roundly ignored—just another guy with a beard. "It's actually... I've always felt like I don't want to be a super-famous person... that doesn't sound so nice to me," Coulton told me. He described an angry moment at a car rental place. "Thank God I'm not famous enough to worry about someone seeing me all pissed off... I'm glad it's a niche thing, I get to come to a place like this and feel like a rock star, but most of my life is still normal. As great as it is to feel like a rock star, it's not something I'd like to feel like all the time."

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