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October 8, 2008

Shorties (Crooked Fingers, Patterson Hood, and more)

Crawdaddy! interviews Crooked Fingers frontman Erich Bachmann about releasing the band's latest album on their own.

Crawdaddy!: You’ve worked with a number of different labels over your career—Warm, Merge, Saddle Creek. You have a good sense of how independent labels operate, as well as have a secure place in that community. So what led to the decision to self-release?

Bachmann: I have been wanting to do it for a long time, so I don’t think the labels that I’ve worked with were surprised. And if anyone is going to support me doing it, it’s people like that. It certainly was not like, ‘Well, this didn’t work so let’s try this’; it was more of, ‘I’m 38 years old, and I haven’t done that, so I’m going to try it.’ There’s no mystery… you get to keep more money and it’s kinda fun to start your own little thing. And Ben Dickey, my manager at Constant Artists, was very helpful, and obviously I couldn’t do it on my own because while I’m touring I can’t run a label. Some people can do it; I’m not that smart.

Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers talks to the Charleston City Paper about his forthcoming second solo album.

"It's still on hold," Hood says of Murdering Oscar. "It got all tied up when we parted ways with New West. I had a clause in the contract giving me the right to do a solo record, and for them to have the right of first refusal on it. We never could come to a deal, though. I ended up sitting on it for three years. Now that our deal is over, I'm wanting to walk with it. I own it. It's mine altogether, and yet they still kind of have a weird claim to it. We haven't been able to hash it out. I'd really like to put it out early next year when there's a break with the band stuff."

Deep Elm Records is raising funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

ReadWriteWeb lists 5 great books to build your character.

Pitchfork gives the Another World EP an 8.0.

Antony writes songs for the sake of escaping, either personally or by proxy, from whatever image of him they capture. Forget Arthur Russell for a sec: He's half Scott Walker, half Harry Houdini.

LAist interviews singer-songwriter Jonatha Brooke.

Minneapolis City Pages interviews Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara.

CP: You have a lot of extremely devoted fans, maybe more fanatical than other bands.

SQ: Sure. We were just doing a festival with the National, who I absolutely adore. As we were standing backstage there were all these girls at the fence screaming and waving at us. We had this conversation about how our fans really do treat us almost like heartthrobs. It's sort of embarrassing to me that there are people like, "I love you!" Somebody recently said that we were like David Cassidy. Which feels so awkward because I feel really short and geeky and very much not like a sex symbol.

Time Out Chicago interviews "the Billy Joel of strip malls," Ben Folds.

Susannah Hoffs talks to the Age about the breakup and reunion of her band, the Bangles.

The Montreal Gazette lists the finalists for Canada's Giller prize for novels and short stories published in English.

The New York Times City Room blog points out Pitch Black: Don't Be Skerd, a recently published graphic novel about living in the subway tunnels.

Bookslut's October issue os online, and includes an interview with Daniel Handler,

MSNBC lists online music sites.

The Onion A.V. Club lists 16 amazing sports movie feats.

Minnesota Public Radio's The Current features singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne with an in-studio performance and interview.

Another online music metric to watch: imeem's top 100 songs (most played tracks over the past 7 days, with genre breakdowns as well).

NPR excerpts from Francine Prose's latest novel, Goldengrove, and also features the author reading from the book.

Editorial Ass explains what constitutes good sales for literary fiction.

If you sold 7,000 or more copies, in hardcover, of your literary novel, you're a star. (Some people sell much more, but 7,000 is a serious threshold. Who knows why.)

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