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November 30, 2008

Daily Downloads (Fewn, Seb Roberts, and more)

Today's free and legal mp3 downloads:

Fewn: "Long-fingered Foe" [mp3] from free and legal Echolocate Yourself album [mp3]
Fewn: "The Sqrum" [mp3] from free and legal Echolocate Yourself album
Fewn: "The Plains" [mp3] from free and legal Fort album
Fewn: "Shootin' Shins" [mp3] from free and legal Fort album
Fewn: "Lobbyin' Congress for the Right to Punch You in the Face" [mp3] from free and legal Foin album
Fewn: "These Dishes Are All Wrong" [mp3] from free and legal Foin album
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Marc Broussard: 2008-09-26, Chicago [mp3,ogg,flac]
"Unfunky UFO (Parliament cover)" [mp3]
other Marc Broussard posts at Largehearted Boy

Ryan Adams: 2008-11-14, Edinburgh [mp3,ogg,flac]
"Grand Island" [mp3]
other Ryan Adams posts at Largehearted Boy

Seb Roberts: "Diner with my Doppleganger" [mp3] from Yeah, Well, Coue's Dead EP
other Seb Roberts posts at Largehearted Boy

Today's free and legal recordings of live shows, rarities, and demos available via bittorrent:

Bob Dylan: 2002-11-16, Boston [flac]*
other Bob Dylan posts at Largehearted Boy

Gary Louris and Mark Olson: 2008-11-23, Glasgow [flac]*
other Gary Louris posts at Largehearted Boy

Miles Davis: 1964-10-04, Copenhagen [flac]*
other Miles Davis posts at Largehearted Boy

Neil Young: 1976-11-22, Boston (both shows) [flac]*
other Neil Young posts at Largehearted Boy

Paul Weller: 2008-11-24, London [flac]*
other Paul Weller posts at Largehearted Boy

Talking Heads: 1978, Syracuse [ntsc dvd]*
other Talking Heads posts at Largehearted Boy

Wilco: 2008-03-05, New Orleans [flac]*
Wilco: 2007-11-15, Dublin [flac]
Wilco: 2007-11-14, Dublin [flac]
other Wilco posts at Largehearted Boy

Wolf Parade: 2008-11-28, Manchester [flac]*
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