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November 10, 2008

Shorties (Jonathan Lethem, Franz Ferdinand, and more)

The Victoria Times Colonist examines actors who also pursue musical careers.

PopMatters interviews Richard Jones and Javier Weyler of the Stereophonics.

The New Yorker features new short fiction by Jonathan Lethem, "Lostronaut."

PopMatters examines the current state of rock poster art.

The Chicago Sun-Times offers musical suggestions for Barack Obama's inauguration parties.

Amazon is offering the digital version of Elliott Smith's self-titled album for only $2.99.

At Forbidden Planet staff, friends and some comic-loving authors list their favorite graphic novels.

Contrariwise continues to post literary tattoos.

Drowned in Sound interviews Franz Ferdinand's Nick McCarthy about the band's third album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand (out January 26th).

I remember reading a while ago that you were pursuing an African direction...

I'm not actually sure where the African thing came from. The album's not like that, anyway! I think it was because we played an African Express gig in Liverpool and someone got the idea from that that we'd be doing a load of African music. There's a couple of songs, one for sure, that's got an Afro-Carribean, 6/8 feel to it... we've listened to a lot of African music and taken some things from it, but it's not an African record. We're from Glasgow, you know?!

nyctaper shares mp3s of the Mountain Goats' Saturday night Brooklyn show.

The Observer profiles Scott Walker.

Oh, I have long since stopped worrying about fitting in in any way,' he says, laughing. 'I'm an outsider, for sure. That suits me fine. Solitude is like a drug for me. I crave it.' Why, though, does it take so long to make a record, write a song? 'A certain amount of it is about making it difficult for myself. I'm not interested in traditional narrative, say, or in having pat endings to the songs. I want the sense in my music of a constant moving forward into an open future.'

Happy birthday, Neil Gaiman

NPR's All Songs Considered is taking nominations for the best CDs of 2008.

Daytrotter features an in-studio performance by Wire.

Southern Shelter shares mp3s a recent Atlanta performance by Jay Reatard.

Author Michael Cunningham discusses literature withe the Washington Post.

Q) How do you teach young people to love literature?

A) I think helping kids to learn to love literature is not all that different from helping someone you are dating learn to love you. Which is not to be a drag or a burden, or sort of an irritating obligation. Think of yourself as on a date with these kids. . . . What is going to feel sort of challenging but interesting and compelling to them? What is going to make them want to date you again?

T-shirt of the day: "Classic Video Games"

At The 26th Story, author Seth Godin discusses free content and the publishing industry.

NPR's All Things Considered excerpts from Amitav Ghosh's novel, Sea of Poppies.

Five Chapters is serializing a new short story by Ben Schrank this week.

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