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November 17, 2008


The online "best music of 2008" lists and online "best books of 2008" lists have been updated.

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The Washington Post's Post Rock blog interviews Brian Wilson.

Tom Moon talks to the Nashville City Paper about writing his book, 1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die: A Listener’s Life List.

“In the beginning it was going to be strictly one selection per artist,” Moon recalled. “But then you get into the problem of saying how can you only have one Dylan record, or one Miles Davis record? How do you pick one Beethoven or Mozart work? So eventually it became a process of trying to decide which were the essential works, the albums and selections that personified the greatness of a performer or a composer.”

PopMatters is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' White Album with a week of articles.

The second trailer for the new Star Trek film is online.

The Flaming Lips have launched a game for their film, Christmas on Mars.

"Read rage" (at instruction manuals) is growing in the UK.

"Read rage" is sweeping the UK - as consumers become fed up with the often incomprehensible language used in many of the instruction manuals produced by manufacturers.

Den of Geek lists 75 comics being made into films.

The Boston Globe examines the enduring influence of punk rock.

Punk's reach extends far beyond that original fistful of fast, loud bands, and its influence goes much deeper than a rebellious musical moment. Punk's legacy is vast. From the do-it-yourself philosophy that informs indie rock to the anti-elitism that fuels the blogosphere, the spirit of authenticity and embrace of amateurism that were the pillars of punk now permeate modern art and culture.

Daytrotter features an in-studio session by singer-songwriter Shugo Tokokumaru.

NPR's Weekend Edition interviews singer-songwriter Jonatha Brooke about adapting unreleased Woody Guthrie lyrics for her latest album, The Works.

ZDNet's Tech Broiler does the math to see how many books you would have to read for a Kindle e-book reader to pay for itself.

The Miami Herald matches sports celebrities to classic books.

The Bleacher Report recommends books about baseball.

see also: my list of favorite baseball books

The Scotsman examines the connections to rap the U.S. "hip-hop president"-elect Barack Obama has.

Despite hip-hop's long history of political rapping, from Grandmaster Flash's The Message to Public Enemy's Fight the Power, this is possibly the first time rappers have not been seen as the enemy by a politician – as foul-mouthed, murderous women-haters responsible for society's ills. Obama listens to Jay-Z on his iPod and included a Kanye West track on a fundraising compilation album.

Smashing Magazine lists 60 beautiful music videos.

Paul McCartney tells the Guardian he wants to release the Beatles' track, "Carnival of Light."

For Beatles fans across the world it has gained near mythical status. The 14-minute improvised track called 'Carnival of Light' was recorded in 1967 and played just once in public. It was never released because three of the Fab Four thought it too adventurous.

The Nialler9 music blog has started a new feature where bloggers from around the world tout a song each from their home country.

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