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December 11, 2008

Shorties (Grace Potter, Holly Golightly, and more)

The Cleveland Free Times interviews Grace Potter.

You inspire a lot of comparisons, many obvious, such as Bonnie Raitt, Janis Joplin, Sheryl Crow and Lucinda Williams. Were there any that were just baffling to you?

They all baffle me in some way or another, but at the same time I'm honored. Lately, I've been getting a lot of male comparisons, which I love. Robert Plant sang like a woman for years before anyone caught on that he was taking his cues from Janis. Jeff Buckley was one I heard recently, because I've been doing some bizarre operatic gymnastics when we do this Pink Floyd space-out thing. People talk to me about Jeff Buckley's record and how it was crazy that it was called Grace, and I sound like him. It's stuff that doesn't occur to you until someone hits you with it.

The Guardian's books blog examines the current rage of "Jonathan Safran Foer-phobia."

Jonathan Safran Foer is a young, rich and successful literary writer, an oxymoronic state that arose at the moment his debut novel Everything Is Illuminated was published in 2002. As a result Foer has become that rare bird: a bona fide celebrity whose seven-figure advances, choice of dwelling in the pricey Brooklyn neighbourhood of Park Slope, marriage to fellow writer Nicole Krauss, crusade against kosher butchering practices, family ties and awards have been scrutinised and criticised by those on the lower rungs of the literary ladder.

Billboard reports that Guster has signed to Columbia for its next album.

CNET's Digital Media blog examines the controversy surrounding reselling music mp3s.

NPR's Morning Edition gets book gift suggestions from independent booksellers.

Express Night Out interviews Slumberland Records founder Michael Schulman about the resurrection of the label.

EXPRESS: What attracted you to some of the new bands on the label, like Crystal Stilts, Cause Co-Motion and Pains of Being Pure at Heart?

SCHULMAN: This'll sound dumb, but I just think they're great bands. I've always loved bands that combine melody and noise in interesting ways, and the new wave of Slumberland groups, while all being quite distinct from each other, do just that. Adding in The Lodger, Sarandon, Liechtenstein, Summer Cats and Brown Recluse Sings, this must be as large and diverse a roster as we've ever had. I'm really proud that after 20 years we're putting out records that I think stand tall with our best.

Rolling Stone named its albums of the year.

Holly Golightly creates a roadtrip playlist for BlackBook.

Author Charles Bock shares a music playlist with the New York Times' Paper Cuts blog.

The Nashville Scene profiles the Dexateens.

While many musicians share the day-job affliction, few have as strong a catalog or the longevity to be prepping their sixth release in as many years. The Alabama quintet drink deep from the same Southern-fried punk 'n' roll well as early Verbena, Lucero and the Drive-By Truckers, delivering a rugged mix of rawk raunch and simmering twang keyed by a three-guitar attack.

Daily Routines outlines how "writers, artists, and other interesting people organize their days."

Amazon is selling the digital version of Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland album for $1.99.

Laundromatinee shares video and mp3s (including a Cure cover) from the Watson Twins' recent in-studio performance.

nyctaper features mp3s of Hooray the Riff Raff's recent NYC performance.

Daytrotter's Wednesday session featured Brighton, MA.

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