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December 8, 2008

Today's Updates to the Year-End "Best of 2008" Books & Music Lists (December 8th, 2008)

Today's additions to the "best of 2008" books and music lists (keep up with daily additions at the update archive page):

"Best of 2008" Books Lists additions: (books of the year)
Baby Got Books (favorite books)
The Independent (best graphic novels)
New Zealand Listener (best books)
Salon (books)
Shakespeare and Co. (favorite books)
WCRB (best children's books)
World of Royalty Blog (best books)

"Best of 2008" Music Lists additions:

Allmusic (favorite jazz albums)
Aquarium Drunkard (songs)
Bag of Songs (best live shows)
Bears Eat People: JRAW (best albums)
betterPropaganda (top albums of the decade)
betterPropaganda (top artists of the decade)
BMer on Music (best albums)
Brown Mastodon: Brawlodon (top albums)
Buzz (top albums)
Check the Availability (top albums)
Clicky Clicky (top songs)
Cookblog (top albums)
The Cookie Crumbling Creation Company (best videos)
Culture Bully (best albums)
A Darker Shade of Pagan (top albums)
Digital Aurgasm (top albums)
Discovering Musical Landscapes (top albums)
Doctor of Prog Rock (favourite live albums)
The Donnybrook Writing Academy (songs)
Eldur og Is (top albums)
Eric Nuzum (best albums)
Eyesore (favorite albums)
A Few Zen (best albums)
Get the Rooster (best songs)
Ghost Hardware (best albums)
Herohill (best Canadian EPs)
The Hurst Review (favorite albums)
Idolator (music)
L.A. Nouveau: Jose (top albums)
Lickity List: Daniel Hawks (albums)
Lots of Random Words (best albums)
McNutt Against the Music (songs)
The Middle Distance Runner (top songs)
Modern Music (best albums)
Music Emissions (top albums)
My Big Mouth Strikes Again (albums)
New York Magazine (year in pop) (best albums)
On Deaf Ears: Jason (top albums)
Paradasos (top albums)
Pitchfork (music news)
Popmatters (best songs)
Pushing the Towel Away (music)
Radio Cure (top albums)
Real Horrorshow Tunes (top albums)
Resident Advisors (top labels)
Salacious Sound (best albums)
Snob's Music (best cover songs)
The Spectator (world music albums)
Staring at the Apocalypse (best albums)
This Is Fake DIY: Stephen Ackroyd (albums)
Those Walls, Your Ears: Ro (albums)
Three Colours (best albums)
TIME (top albums)
TIME (top songs)
Stuck Inside of Mobile... (best albums)
Trouble in the Heartland (top albums, songs)
Whale in a Cubicle (top albums)
Whammo Blammo! (top albums)
Winston's Zen (top videos)
Wisconsin-Oshkosh Advance-Titan: Ben Munson (best albums)
Wisconsin-Oshkosh Advance-Titan: Dan Shafer (best albums)
Wisconsin-Oshkosh Advance-Titan: Jay Spanbauer (best albums)
Wisconsin-Oshkosh Advance-Titan: Phil Martinez (best albums)
Wisconsin-Oshkosh Advance-Titan: Will Amacher (best albums)

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