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December 9, 2008

Today's Updates to the Year-End "Best of 2008" Books & Music Lists (December 9th, 2008)

Today's additions to the "best of 2008" books and music lists (keep up with daily additions at the update archive page):

"Best of 2008" Books Lists additions:

Business Standard (fiction)
Children's Corner (children's books)
The Dharblog (best comics)
Pickle Me This (top books)
Salon (books by noted authors)
Wisdom of a Goddess (best books)

"Best of 2008" Music Lists additions:

2 Blog or not 2 Blog (top albums)
8/1 (best albums)
Ally Marcus (top albums)
Artrocker (top albums)
Backwords (favorite hip hop albums)
Brad Wilson (albums)
Burnt Waffles: Alex (albums)
Chicago Sun-Times: Jim DeRogatis (best albums)
Christian Music Today (reader's choice awards)
CMT (top country albums)
Culture Bully (best songs)
Culturedeluxe (top albums)
Each Note Secure (best Cincinnati music)
Esquire (best rock songs you probably didn't hear)
Everything Is Chemical (best albums)
Faronheit (top EPs)
Ferguson Reviews (favorite debut albums) (best albums)
Flying Buttresses (top albums, songs)
In the Wake of Poseidon (best albums) (best Bollywood soundtracks)
Kata Rokkar (top songs)
KEXP (best debut albums)
Last Blog on Earth (best albums)
LiffeyMusicEtc (best albums)
Metal Martyr (top metal albums)
The Mire (albums)
motel de moka: Moka (top albums)
Naturally Sharp's Blog (2009 breakout acts)
New York Post (best albums)
newcritics (best albums)
Omahype (top albums)
Paste: Andy Whitman (favorite albums)
The Perfect Prescription (favourite albums)
PopMatters (best albums by women over 45)
PopMatters (best British albums)
The Privilege of Dreaming (top albums)
Smell the Blog (top albums)
Stereogum Gummy Awards (best album)
Stereogum Gummy Awards (best live act)
Stereogum Gummy Awards (best music blog)
Stereogum Gummy Awards (best music video)
Stereogum Gummy Awards (most overrated act)
Sun on the Sand (top albums)
Tempus Fugit, Amor Manet (top albums)
University of Idaho Argonaut (best albums, songs)
Unrescuable Schizo (top albums)
Your Mix(Tape) (best albums)

also at Largehearted Boy:

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