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December 12, 2008

Today's Updates to the Year-End "Best of 2008" Books & Music Lists (December 12th, 2008)

Today's additions to the "best of 2008" books and music lists (keep up with daily additions at the update archive page):

"Best of 2008" Books Lists additions: (debut fiction)
An Accidental Blog (best books)
Antiblurbs (books)
Business Week (best business books)
momaroo (best fiction)
MOMformation (great picture books)
Out of Line (best comics and graphic books)
Scott Freeman (best fiction)

"Best of 2008" Music Lists additions:

Allmusic (favorite reggae albums)
Any Major Dude with Half a Heart (top albums)
Austin Town Hall (albums)
AWmusic (top post-rock albums)
Back At It (top albums)
Beats & Eats (best albums)
Berkeley Beacon (best albums)
Chromewaves (favourite albums)
Common Terry (top albums)
Corpus Christi Caller-Times (top albums)
Culture Bully (most overlooked albums)
Culture Bully (top concerts)
Diary of a Young Person (top albums)
Ditch Records & CDs (best albums)
Don't Just Do Something, Stand There (best albums)
Drowned in Sound (albums)
The Dumbing of America (best albums)
Each Note Secure (best albums)
The Echoes Blog (essential albums)
Electrical Jortage (top albums)
The Factual Opinion (best rap albums)
Headphone Candy (favorite albums)
Hidden Track (best concert DVDs)
IGN (top blues albums)
The Intellectual Thicket (albums)
Jay Margs Thirteen (top albums) (best jazz albums)
Jealous Girlfriends (top albums)
Ken Jennings (favorite albums)
A Lifetime of Defeats (best albums)
LimeWire Music Blog (top live shows)
Marist Circle (albums)
Married to Lights (top albums)
Mind Inversion (top hip-hop albums)
Mix Me a Molotov (favorite albums)
My Girlfriend's Jeans (best albums)
The New Yorker: Alex Ross (best classical performances)
Newsday (top rock albums)
None More Twee (top albums)
On the Tundra of the North (top albums)
...on whatever crosses my mind (best albums)
Perfect Lines (top albums)
Pitchfork Readers Poll (best albums)
PopMatters (best hip-hop albums)
PopMatters (best mixtapes)
RA (top remixes)
The Rabbit I Pulled Out of My Hat (favorite albums)
Radio Flyer Review (overrated bands)
Reel Around the Fountain (best albums)
Said the Gramophone: Sean (best songs)
Say Goodbye to Justice (top albums)
Snob's Music (best Canadian artists)
Somewhere Between Art and Love (favorite albums)
Sound Fix (best electronica-ambient albums)
Sound Fix (best electronica-pop albums)
Sound Fix (best electronica-techno-house albums)
Sound Fix (best indie rock albums)
Sound Fix (best psych albums)
Speakertree (best albums)
The Subprime Primer (best album)
Tampa Calling (top songs)
The Think Tank (top albums) (top albums)
Tommy Gunn (top albums)
UGO (best metal albums)
UWIRE (top albums)
WDPK (top remixes)
WFUV (top vinyl albums)
Where Worlds Collide (top albums)
The Wisdom of the Matty (top albums)
XXL (top rap songs)

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