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December 15, 2008

Today's Updates to the Year-End "Best of 2008" Books & Music Lists (December 15th, 2008)

Today's additions to the "best of 2008" books and music lists (keep up with daily additions at the update archive page):

"Best of 2008" Books Lists additions:

Dance to the Music of Time (books)
I Will Dare (worst books)
Kanlaon (books) (favorite books)
The Times (top South African books)

"Best of 2008" Music Lists additions:

Advertising Age (ad songs of the year)
AfterEllen (celebrity's top albums)
All About Jazz: C. Michael Bailey (best albums)
All About Jazz: David Orthmann (best albums)
Allmusic (favorite electronic albums)
Ants in My Trance (best albums)
Beat Poetry (top albums)
The Berg Standard (top albums)
Berkeley Place (covers)
Beside the Queue (music)
Beware the Sax Solo (top albums)
Billboard (year in music)
the blisslist (best albums)
Both Bars On (top albums)
Cannibal Cheerleader (top songs, albums)
Captains Dead (top albums)
CAUSE=TIME (best albums)
Clicky Clicky (top albums)
Confessions of a Music Addict (albums)
The Courier-Mail (best albums)
The Daily Record (top albums)
The Daily Sabbatical (top albums) (top albums)
Drowned in Sound: Staff (songs)
Dryvetyme Onlyne (best albums)
Dusted: Adam Strohm (albums)
Dusted: Ben Donnelly (albums)
Dusted: Brad LaBonte (albums)
Dusted: Brandon Bussolini (albums)
Dusted: Cole Goins (albums)
Dusted: Derek Taylor (albums)
Dusted: Jennifer Kelly (albums)
Dusted: Matthew Wuethrich (albums)
Dusted: Michael Crumsho (albums)
Dusted: Rob Hatch-Miller (albums)
Ear Farm (best EPs)
Ed Harcourt (top albums)
Entertainment Reviews with Derrek Bollus (best albums)
FactMagazine (best hardcore albums)
For Amusement Only (favorite albums)
For The Captain (albums)
Franconia Station (top songs)
Ghost Galaxy (top albums)
Goodnight Believer (top albums)
Gridface (top albums)
Headphone Commute (best albums)
Herohill (best Canadian albums)
holeytonal (top albums)
I Ate My DVD Collection (top albums)
Indie Boy (best albums)
Indie Music Filter (best albums)
It's a Trap (albums)
j-Blog (favorite albums)
j1m0ne's blog (best anime theme songs)
Jae Laffer (The Panics) (top albums)
The Jewel Case (best albums)
Josh Solar Photo Blog (top albums)
Kata Rokkar (best albums)
Lost in the Grooves (best albums)
Lucas Membrane (favorite albums)
Mainstream Melancholy (albums)
More Cowbell (top albums)
The Movie Manifesto (best albums)
MTV (most popular videos)
Muruch (top albums)
Music Like Dirt (best albums)
My Poproks (top singles)
Naive Harmonies: Limocrazy (favorite albums)
Oceanographer's Choice (top songs)
Oceans Never Listen (best live shows)
Oceans Never Listen (best songs)
The Paladisiac (disappointing albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (best albums)
Pitchfork (best tracks)
Playground (top albums)
Polaroids of Androids (biggest disappointments)
Pop Headwound (favorite albums)
PopMatters (best albums)
Popular With Me (favorite albums)
Questionable Content (top albums)
quickcrit (top albums)
RA (top compilations)
Redmarketer (top albums)
Reel Around the Fountain (guilty pleasures)
Rock Sellout: Mark (best albums)
Rose Quartz (top Australian albums)
Ruptured: Marc Codsi (top albums)
Ruptured: Serge Yared (top albums)
Side One Track One (best Austin albums)
So Much Silence (favorite albums)
So Much Style That's Wasted (best albums)
Sound on the Sound: Kyle Johnson (favorite albums)
Sound Opinions (best albums)
Spatula Forum (top albums)
Speed of Dark: Gramma (top albums)
Stoplight Sleep (top albums)
'Sup Magazine (top albums)
The Tape: Willie (favorite songs)
This Girl Called Automatic Win (weirdos)
This Is One Ten (top albums)
Thoughts on Music (top pop singles)
Uncle E's Musical Nightmares (top albums)
Urlaubsh*ts (top albums)
Utility Fog (music)
Ventvox (failed musical comebacks)
WDPK (top electro albums)
We Listen For You: Blood Red Shoes (albums)
We Listen For You: Hank (top albums)
We Listen For You: Phil (top albums)
We Listen For You: Pierce (top albums)
We Listen For You: Zach (top albums)

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