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December 18, 2008

Today's Updates to the Year-End "Best of 2008" Books & Music Lists (December 18th, 2008)

Today's additions to the "best of 2008" books and music lists (keep up with daily additions at the update archive page):

"Best of 2008" Books Lists additions:

AudioFile (best audiobooks)
Bay Area Reporter (books)
Chapel Hill Comics (favorite comics)
Comics Should Be Good (top comics)
Good Morning America (favorite coffee table books)
Maureen Corrigan (best books)
Minnesota Reads: Ben Kimball (top books)
The Mumpsimus (books of the year)
New Statesman: Ian Irvine (books of the year)
The Paramus Post (fashion gift books)
Paste (best kids' books)
Pioneer Press (best cookbooks)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop: Gretchen (top books)
Seattle Times (best books)
Seattle Times (top fiction books)
Slate (best books)
White Noise of Everyday Life (favorite books)

"Best of 2008" Music Lists additions: (annoying pop songs)
The Agit Reader (music)
Arizona Star (albums)
Aufhebung (favourite albums)
Austin Town Hall (top songs)
Aversion (best albums)
AWmusic (best categorial songs)
BaGel Radio (top albums)
BaGel Radio (top songs)
Baseball Toaster (top albums)
The Bathysphere (albums)
Bear Like Mouse (top albums)
Beware of the Blog (best & worst albums)
Bloomberg (best albums)
Books and Blood (best albums)
The Burger (top albums)
Buzzgrinder: Blake (top albums)
Buzzgrinder: Josh (top albums)
Carry You Away (best new artists)
CenLamar (top albums)
Cheztune (favorite albums)
Chicago Tribune: Greg Kot (top local indie albums)
Coqblog (albums)
Cyclic Defrost: Shaun Prescott (favourite albums)
Darker My Love (top albums)
Distorte (top albums)
Drawer B: Eric Greenwood (top albums)
Drawer B: K (top albums)
Drawer B. Logan K. Young (top albums)
Drawer B: Patrick Wall (top albums)
Drawer B: Robert Howell (top albums)
Dunfermline Press (top singles)
Eschewing Obfuscation (best albums)
Facts of Life (best hip hop albums)
Feedback Loop (best albums)
(feel my heat) (top genre albums)
A Future in Noise: Marilyn Roxie (top albums)
Gitnerblog (favorite albums)
Grand Rapids Press: Medium Fidelity (favorite songs)
Guelph Mercury (top albums) (favourite albums)
Hope.Coffee.Melody (albums)
Houston Press (vinyl)
Houston Press: Rocks Off (top reissues)
Indie Surfer Blog (best indie albums)
Island Packet (best albums)
Jason Molina (Longwave) (top albums)
Jazz & Blues Music Reviews (best albums)
Little White Earbuds (top non-commercial mixes) (top albums)
LuckyStripes (best albums)
Metromix Baltimore (best albums)
Miami New Times (best live music)
MTV: Bigger Than The Sound (best albums)
Nikolai Fraiture (Nickel Eye) (top albums)
Notes from a Different Kitchen (best hip-hop albums, singles, and mixtapes)
NPR: Bob Boilen (best albums)
The Patriot Ledger (hip-hop)
Phrequency (best jazz albums)
Pop Headwound (favorite songs)
Pop Life: SD (top albums)
PopMatters (best Americana)
PopMatters (best country albums)
Pretty Much Amazing! (best songs)
The Pulse (top albums)
The Pulse (top reissues)
Quickcrit (favorite singles)
Rachel Lee (top albums)
Rock Revival (best albums)
Saratara Says... (top albums)
The Scientific Search for John (top albums)
Scratched Vinyl (best albums)
Slate: Fred Kaplan (top jazz albums)
The Smell of Pajamas (favorite albums)
Some Kind of Barnacle (favorite albums)
SpoutBlog (best music videos)
St. Louis - A to Z (top albums)
Stir It Up (best albums)
StevePrutz (best songs)
The Tape: Gabo (top albums)
The Tape: Henry (top albums)
Tapes on the Floor (favorite albums)
The Telegraph (top pop stories and scandals)
Three Monkeys Online (top songs)
The Timmins Daily Press (best albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (Eureka! albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (favorite albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (songs)
Tiny Mix Tapes: Contributor Lists (albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (top album covers)
Tuned In (best albums)
Ultra8201 (best albums)
Under the Rotunda (best concert photography)
Washington City Paper: Black Plastic Bag (top albums)
WFMU: DJ's (top albums)
WFMU: Terre T (top albums)
Winnie Cooper (best albums)
The World as I See It (greatest albums)
XO's Middle Eight (top songs)
You Set the Scene (top live shows)
zombierock (best albums)

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