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December 20, 2008

Today's Updates to the Year-End "Best of 2008" Books & Music Lists (December 20th, 2008)

Today's additions to the "best of 2008" books and music lists (keep up with daily additions at the update archive page):

"Best of 2008" Books Lists additions:

Access Asia (best & worst China books)
The Book Catapault (notable books)
The Book Chick (best books)
Bookspot Central (favorite books)
Citizen Reader (worst books)
Civil War Memory (best books)
Dr. Norris Chumley Satisfied Life (books)

Kid Lit Kid (best books)
My Life In... (favorite books)
The Oregonian (top national books)
The San Francisco Chronicle (best fiction & poetry books)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop: Janine (best books)
Talking Union (labor books)
Welcome to the Nubbery (best books)

"Best of 2008" Music Lists additions:

AKOMISMO (songs)
alterNate (best albums)
Already & Not Yet (top albums)
Allmusic (favorite videos)
Anglophenia (best British songs)
Anthem (music)
Aquarium Drunkard (albums)
Are the Hills Going to March Off? (best albums)
AWmusic (worst albums)
Back in 15 Minutes (top albums)
The Baseball Project: The Juice Blog (top albums)
bassresistance (albums)
TheBearProject (best tunes, remixes, albums)
Beatportal (top albums)
Black Plastic Bag (top albums)
blissblog (albums)
brett//andrew//miotti (best albums)
Buzzgrinder: Jess (top albums)
COMMOT!ON (top albums)
Crustcake (best albums)
DC9 at Night (top reissues)
Donacon (top albums)
the downstairs mix-up (overlooked albums)
Drewviews (top albums)
Ear Candy (songs by Seattle artists)
Edmonton Sun (best albums)
Floating Robot (top albums)
Frontburner (year in review)
HearYa (top albums)
Higher Plain Music (top albums)
I Rock Cleveland (top tracks)
If the Music's Loud Enough (best albums)
IGN (year in review)
In the Wake of Poseidon (top tracks)
Inaudible Whisper (top albums)
indiemuse (top albums)
INreview (best tracks)
isthisbiblical (albums)
The Isthmus Daily Page (top Madison songs)
JP's Music Blog (favorite albums)
KCRW: Rachel Reynolds (top albums)
Letters Have No Arms (best songs)
Mapsadaisical (top albums)
Metromix New York (best albums)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (favorite albums)
Mishka Bloglin (thrash metal)
Mixtape Creations (best albums)
New York Times (standouts in rap, jazz & country)
NPR (best mixtapes)
Ohh! Crap... (top tracks)
Owl Pellets (best videos)
A Path To Choose (albums)
Patrol (best faith-inspired albums)
Pepi Ginsberg (top albums)
The Pitch (top Americana albums)
Poolside Chatter (favorite songs)
Pop & Hiss (memorable musical moments)
PopSense (top albums)
A Pretty Good Guy (top albums)
The Quietus (albums, tracks)
Range Life (top albums)
Reject Musical Trash (best albums)
Rock Insider (top albums)
The Rock Report (top albums)
Rubin Recommends (best albums)
Scott Freeman (best albums)
The Scott Orr Blog (best albums)
a sense sublime (top songs)
Sey Something (best Swedish albums)
Sheena Beaston (best songs)
Sheena Beaston (most hated artists)
Slate (best music)
Some Velvet Blog (top albums)
Static Fix (best albums)
The Sudbury Star (best albums)
Tampa Bay Times: Sean Daly (top albums)
Tampa Calling: Bombardier Manifesto (top albums)
Tampa Calling: Eric Snider (top albums)
Tampa Calling: Gabe (top albums)
Tampa Calling: Leilani (top albums)
Thieves by Tuesday (best remix tracks) Things I Don't Care About and Some That I Do) (greatest albums)
tongue-tied lightning (music)
Truth Comes in Blows (best albums)
Tuddd's Muddd (best albums)
Tuddd's Muddd (best songs)
Turbo Croutons Unite! (best songs)
Ultimate Addict (best albums & songs)
Under the Rotunda (best albums)
Untitled Records (favorite albums)
Wait..I've Got Something To Say (best artists)
The Wayward Blog (top reissues)
WFMU: Scott McDowell (top albums)
What Else Can I Write (top albums)
Wilmington Star News (best albums)
WMNF (most played albums)
WordsToSell (best albums)

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