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February 3, 2009

Shorties (Bonnaroo Lineup, Graham Nash, and more)

This week Five Chapters is serializing a new short story by Lewis Robinson, whose new novel Water Dogs is garnering rave reviews.

The Guardian's Jonathan Jones weighs in on the John Updike vs. Philip Roth debate.

Reading Updike has always seemed to me a slightly suburban experience compared with the violence and hilarity of reading Roth. Updike's fictions don't jump out of the library into the bedroom and the street as Roth's do.

Pitchfork interviews Alex Kapranos and Paul Thompson of Franz Ferdinand.

MIT's The Tech lists important albums of 2008.

The McGill Tribune profiles music blogger Sean Micheals of Said the Gramophone and MBV.

PopMatters interviews A.C. Newman about his new solo album, Get Guilty.

You’re often cited for having very unconventional lyrical subject matter. So I’m wondering what inspires your lyrics? Can you grab some examples from song on Get Guilty and tell me where you came from?

For me it’s always a tricky balance of wanting lyrics that sound good—just the sound of the words—and then I know what I want the vocals to sound like but then I have to take that and try and create some kind of vague story, or some kind of motif, or a theme that runs through them. And that’s always a tricky balance. A lot of them are kind of cryptic relationship songs or something from my past that I’m writing about or some fictionalized version of the past but always written in so cryptic a way that nobody can tell what I’m writing about.

Amazon is giving away singer-songwriter Mieka Pauley's 2007 album, Elijah Drop Your Gun for free.

Bonnaroo has announced its lineup, including headliner Bruce Springsteen.

The A.V. Club lists calamitous music and movie packaging gimmicks.

Ars Technica examines the past, present, and future of e-books.

Daytrotter's Tuesday session features in-studio mp3s from Joe Pug.

The Huffington Post interviews Graham Nash.

What's different being in CSN vs. CSNY?

Everything changes when Neil is in mix. It's a chemical reaction. Crosby says it's like juggling four bottles of nitro glycerin. You can do it, but you can't drop one. But in the end, we're all one. Over the years, we've all disliked each other, loved each other, been naughty to one another, and been supportive. But in the end, we know the music is most important thing. It will last forever.

DeweyMusic is a new interface to's Live Music Archive collection of free and legal live music streams and downloads.

Comic Book Resources interviews cartoonist Lilli Carre.

Mashable lists the top 5 music recommendation services.

Locus Online offers a definitive 2008 science fiction and fantasy recommended reading list.

Daytrotter's Monday session was especially wonderful, with in-studio mp3s from the Heartless Bastards (whose The Mountain album is out today).

IGN lists the geekiest bands of all time.

Canada's Anansi Press interviewed me for its newsletter.

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