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February 4, 2009

Shorties (Neil Gaiman, Ziggy Stardust Remixed, and more)

Neil Gaiman talks to San Diego CityBeat about the use of 3D in the film adaptation of his book, Coraline.

“It’s as if, for the last 50 years, filmmakers, when given 3-D, have gone, ‘Great, you can throw things at the audience,’” Gaiman says. “Henry used it to recede things away from the audience. He defines spaces with it. It’s no longer about an illusion of reality, and it’s not about throwing things at you. He uses it incredibly subtly, to define the difference between Coraline’s real world, which is slightly flat, and the other world, which is magic.”

Bootie has a new mashup CD available as a free download, Ziggy Stardust Remixed.

ReadWriteWeb profiles Band Metrics, an analytics service for bands to measure the success of their music online.

In particular musicians will be able to get metrics showing them who's listening to, sharing and talking about their music across various social networking and blog sites. A recent blog post from the company states that Band Metrics is using "a machine learning framework with natural language processing". Some of the things that musicians will eventually be able to do with the app include trend measurement, sentiment analysis, reputation management, and "maybe one day scratching the surface of the behaviors relative to music."

The Believer interviews author Mary Gaitskill.

H: Nabokov is one of your favorite writers, and he talks about his characters as “galley slaves,” and I wonder to what degree your characters have a mind of their own, or to what degree you have a sense beforehand of what’s going to happen in your stories.

MG: Sometimes I don’t have a sense. Other times I’ll have a vague idea of what the story will be, but I can’t find a way into it. Then I’ll get an image that sometimes doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the story but for some reason it’s my way into it, but then I have to feel my way around and kind of—I make little notes in the margin of what I want to happen next, or what I want to talk about next.

Free Speculative Fiction Online links to free and legal science fiction and short stories and novels.

Southern Shelter is sharing mp3s of a 2004 solo show by Mike Cooley of the Drive-By Truckers.

Daytrotter's Wednesday session features in-studio mp3s from Southeast Engine.

The Miami Herald examines the cancellation of this year's Langerado Music Festival.

The Guardian has news of a new Ernest Hemingway biopic based on AE Hotchner's biography of the author, Papa Hemingway: A Personal Memoir.

The Minneapolis City Pages and Decider Minneapolis talk to Tapes 'N Tapes' Josh Grier.

BlackBook interviews the members of the Von Bondies.

There’s been a shift in the music industry since you last put out an album. iTunes didn’t even exist. Are you nervous about the album’s reception?

JS: When our last record came out, let’s say that it sold 300,000 copies. That was a success. Nowadays if you sell 50,000, it’s a success. Now It’s not about money, it’s more you get to base how many people come to your show based on how many records you sold. You can’t really do that anymore because they’re downloads, and you can’t tell where your downloads are coming from. You can’t tell where your following is, and you can’t figure out where you should tour. And we know because we’ve toured so much that, you know, Canada loves us.

The Village Voice interviews Carles, the mystery blogger behind the music blog Hipster Runoff.

So to what degree did you "mean" that Animal Collective post? A lot of people I know have raved about it—were you surprised at how much attention it got? Did you intend for it to be seen as this epic manifesto?

I think that the "moral fabric" of my site is probably in the musical criticism. I started out as "just another MP3 blog" who eventually got on Hype Machine, but then realized that people can only value a free MP3 so much. When I write about music, I try to write from an identifiable consumer perspective. I think that the Animal Collective post was pretty serious, and maybe just more of a reflection of the era that we have kind of grown into. The post wasn't really even a good post about AnCo, but just more of a timeline of our collective consumer perception since the alternative population started using the Internet to find the "best new music."

Pitchfork's guide to musicians on Twitter.

Former Yankee manager Joe Torre talks to NPR's Morning Edition about his new book, The Yankee Years.

NPR is streaming last night's Andrew Bird & Loney Dear Washington performance.

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