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February 10, 2009

Shorties (Devendra Banhart, Kindle 2, and more)

Exclaim! has news of a new book filled with photos of Devendra Banhart and his friends, Family.

Titled Family, the upcoming coffee table companion is set to dedicate 192 pages to the whacked-out Renaissance man, with full-colour, 9x11 pics all shot by L.A.-based photog Lauren Dukoff. And with the book titled Family and all that, it features quite a few images of Banhart’s extended musical family, including folks like Joanna Newsom, Bat for Lashes, Espers, Vetiver, Bert Jansch, Vashti Bunyan and others, in performance and “more private spaces.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune examines the complexities sometimes involved in legally finding digital music released overseas.

To this music fan, that doesn't make any sense. The album is not available in the United States. So if I want it, I can order the import CD. But I can't legally download the MP3 version?

FemaleFirst interviews singer-songwriter Catie Curtis.

Retro To Go points out "classic Penguin book bags," which feature covers from some of literature's greatest titles. The Pantone bags are a great idea, too...

PopMatters interviews Gary Louris and Mark Olson about their new album, Ready for the Flood.

Amazon is offering an mp3 download of Lily Allen's new 12-track It's Not You, It's Me album for only $3.99.

Indiepulse interviews singer-songwriter Bosque Brown about her new album, Baby (out March 3rd).

Azadeh Moaveni talks to NPR's Morning Edition about her new memoir, Honeymoon in Tehran: Two Years of Love and Danger in Iran. An excerpt from the book is also provided.

The Washington Post's Comic Riff's blog is looking to champion a great webcomic.

Drowned in Sound interviews The Knife's Karin Dreijer Andersson about her solo project, Fever Ray.

Daytrotter's Tuesday session features in-studio mp3s from The Gentle Guest.

Amazon will start shipping the second generation of its e-book reader, Kindle 2, on February 24th.

The Guardian reports that the Kindle 2 will feature an exclusive novella by Stephen King.

The new novella is the story of English teacher Wesley Smith who, following a nasty break-up, can't stop thinking about his former girlfriend's taunt: "Why can't you just read off the computer like the rest of us?" So Smith buys a Kindle, which arrives "via one-day delivery that he hadn't requested" and "unlocks a literary world that even the most avid of book lovers could never imagine … once the door is open, there are those things that one hopes we'll never read or live through."

The University of California, Irvine's New University interviews rock photographer Autumn De Wilde.

New U: Some of your most recognized work is the photographs you’ve taken of musicians like Beck, Elliott Smith and the White Stripes for their album covers. How do you develop the concepts behind the images? Do the artists themselves contribute to the concept?

de Wilde: Some of my ideas are ridiculous; I don’t know where they come from. A couple of days before the “price tag” shoot for Filter Magazine, I said to Beck, “You can say no, but I’ve got this idea to hang price tags all over your shirt and the background.” He put the price tag shirt on and started doing little jumps to make the tags swing all over the place. Then he said “they make an amazing sound, yeah, let’s do it!”

"Madoff! The Musical," courtesy of Ben Greenman.

I Love Rob Liefeld is a comic book blog filled with graphic novel reviews.

Mashable lists the top 5 sites to build a music playlist.

RIP, chanteuse Blossom Dearie.

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