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March 13, 2009

Shorties (Zoe Heller, Carrie Brownstein, and more)

NPR's Morning Edition excerpts from Zoe Heller's new novel, The Believers, and talks to the author.

In her Monitor Mix blog, Carrie Brownstein mourns the death of the BMG Music Service.

BMG's music service was -- for many of us -- our first foray into mail fraud, scams and thievery. There were a few options for obtaining the free portion of the deal without ever fulfilling your end of the bargain. First, and easiest, involved a fake name. Second, you could have the shipment sent to friends' houses. Third, once the collection notices began, you could claim that it was not you who actually ordered the CDs and would promptly, and indignantly, cancel your membership (only to start up another membership under a different name the very next week). If I have blamed the Internet for our devaluing of music in the past, please forgive me; it was the craptastic CD that first steered us down the path of ambivalence and not wanting to pay for anything. My freshman year of college, I spent more money on Top Ramen (10 for a dollar at Safeway) than I did on CDs.

In a March Madness-type bracket, the Birmingham News is choosing Alabama's top music icon.

Empire lists 10 things you should know about comics legend Alan Moore.

Esquire lists 50 songs every man should be listening to.

Also in the magazine's music week offerings: Actress Mary Louise-Parker lists types of music no man should own (and interviews Josh Ritter) and ten bands to break out at SXSW 2009.

TIME interviews comedian Margaret Cho, who is starting a music career.

Wait, have an album coming out?

Yes it's tentatively titled Guitarded and won't be out until next year. I'm currently in the writing process. I'm learning how to play music and write song, but they're comedy songs. Because I can't write music or play very well — actually, I have quite a bit of musical aptitude when it comes to the guitar, but I don't know how to write music — I'm collaborating with different artists who are giving me the music while I provide the lyrics. Two of the people I'm collaborating with will be performing with me at SXSW — Patty Griffin and Amanda Palmer [of the Dresden Dolls].

Daytrotter's Friday session features in-studio mp3s by the Love Language.

Lullabyes shares a couple of live Duke Spirit tracks from last year's SXSW Music.

Wolfgang's Vault has added an iPhone app to stream its collection of live concerts (including Daytrotter sessions) to your iPhone.

The Irish Times examines what record labels really think of blogs.

On his MySpace blog, Patton Oswalt defends the Watchmen film.

Amazon MP3 is selling Lady Gaga's 14-track The Fame album for only $5.

LaundroMatinee features in-studio videos and mp3s from Franz Nicolay.

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