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May 22, 2009

Shorties (Grizzly Bear, Scott Pilgrim, and more)

The Guardian reviews the new Grizzly Bear album, Veckatimest, giving the disc 4 out of 5 stars.

With Grizzly Bear, it's not just in yearning, falsetto topline melodies and rich harmonies, but also in the "fat bass" that characterised Brian Wilson's heyday - the Beach Boys influence runs through tracks such as Cheerleader, anchoring the group within a tradition of experimental American pop.

/Film warns that the Scott Pilgrim film adaptation will end differently than the graphic novels.

Clickmusic interviews Fredrik Saroea and Ketil Mosnes of Datarock.

Peaches talks to the Chicago Tribune about her new album, I Feel Cream.

The Advocate ponders the role of Susan Sontag's son as editor for her legacy.

Paste previews this weekend's Sasquatch Festival.

The Washington Times examines the surge in self-publishing in the digital age.

Guardian readers recommend songs about the future.

Flavorwire interviews Amanda Palmer.

Tori Amos talks to PopMatters about her new album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin.

You’ve always had characters in your writing, I always appreciate the detail you bring to character to the table. There is more to it than just the ‘traditional singer-songwriter’. You’re like a sonic character actress.

I think Judy Garland was that way, as well. They might not be singer-songwriters, but there are a lot of song women. I know people say they’re actress, but there is a level where, as you’re saying, they may be holding facets of themselves.

Granta interviews author Paul Auster.

PopMatters examines the "lost legacy of literary pretension" in the latest Star Trek film.

But one Star Trek-specific trope that I was on the lookout for in the new film is certainly one of the Star Trek franchise’s most enduring: its dogged literary pretensions and quotations. Eagerly I waited for Kirk to dissolve some ham-fisted allegory with a dramatic recital, or engage in a battle of quotations with some scaly-faced alien freak, or even woo some alien babe with an old naval sea shanty. But, not surprisingly, Abrams’ pouty pretty-boy rebel Kirk doesn’t have much time for fancy book-talk, unlike William Shatner’s tough but frequently faux-philosophical Kirk. Could it be? Have Star Trek‘s literary pretensions finally spat their last breath?

The Boston Globe interviews singer-songwriter Gentleman Reg.

The Guardian's music blog is soliciting gift suggestions for Morrissey's 50th birthday.

OnFiction is a litblog that examines the psychology of fiction.

WXPN's World Cafe pits Pitchfork's Ryan Schreiber and critic Dave Thompson in a contemporary rock vs. classic rock DJ battle and discussion.

Minnesota Public Radio interv

OF Blog of the Fallen asks, "What is literary fiction?"

They Might Be Giants are sponsoring Little League baseball teams.

The Los Angeles Times profiles The Kills.

The Kills are a band of barely controlled urges. Singer-guitarists Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart step onstage most nights in a state of wild delirium, grinding out guitar riffs of pure punk 'n' blues, all sharp edges and raw sexual tension. Their only company is a vintage drum machine, which keeps an agitated beat as the Kills pace behind their microphones, singing of fast times and dark thoughts, kicking their amps or pushing at each other, lost in the moment.

Wired's Epicenter blog examines the Tunecore-Amazon on-demand CD sales initiative.

The Village Voice's Sound of the City blog interviews members of White Rabbits about the band's new album, It's Frightening.

The Nation examines the book industry's financial crisis.

MySpace is streaming the new Black Moth Super Rainbow album, Eating Us, in its entirety.

Billboard has news of an Alan Moore/Mike Patton collaboration.

WNYC streams a live Grizzly Bear performance.

Infinite Summer is a challenge to read David Foster Wallace's 1104 page novel, Infinite Jest, over the summer.

Today is the last day to enter this week's Largehearted Boy giveaway: the new Alina Simone/Black Swan 7" single along with a Black Swans album and Alina Simone's complete back catalog.

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