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June 30, 2009

Try It Before You Buy It (June 30th, 2009 Music Releases)

Shorties (Femi Kuti, Wilco, and more)

Daily Downloads (Dead Weather, Malcolm Middleton, and more)

June 29, 2009

This Week's Interesting Music Releases (June 30th, 2009)

This Week's Interesting DVD Releases (June 30th, 2009)

Shorties (Todd Snider, Doctor Who, and more)

Daily Downloads (Petra Haden, Care Bears on Fire, and more)

June 28, 2009

Shorties (Wilco, Lauren Conrad vs. Joseph Conrad, and more)

Daily Downloads (Patterson Hood, fIREHOSE, and more)

June 27, 2009

Contest - Largehearted Housecleaning x3 - Win 75 CDs

Shorties (Glastonbury, Ben Kweller, and more)

Daily Downloads (Animal Collective, Guster, and more)

June 26, 2009

Book Notes - Jim Krusoe ("Erased")

Shorties (Michael Jackson, Tiny Vipers, and more)

Daily Downloads (Youth Group, Mason Proper, and more)

June 25, 2009

Book Notes - Ron Currie, Jr. ("Everything Matters!")

Shorties (Haruki Murakami, Amanda Palmer, and more)

Daily Downloads (Noah and the Whale, Wheat, and more)

June 24, 2009

Book Notes - Zachary Mexico ("China Underground")

Shorties (Patrick Wolf, Clancy Martin, and more)

Daily Downloads (Those Darlins, Broken Records, and more)

June 23, 2009

Try It Before You Buy It (June 3rd, 2009 Music Releases)

Shorties (Bjork, Stephen Elliott, and more)

Daily Downloads (Loch Lomond, Obits, and more)

June 22, 2009

This Week's Interesting Music Releases (June 23rd, 2009)

This Week's Interesting DVD Releases (June 23rd, 2009)

Shorties (Bat for Lashes, Dinosaur Jr., and more)

Daily Downloads (The Jaguar Club, Phenomenal Handclap Band, and more)

June 21, 2009

21 Down, 31 To Go "Ho! The Morally Questionable Cartoons of Ivan Brunetti" (52 Books, 52 Weeks)

Shorties (Beth Ditto, Neil Innes, and more)

Daily Downloads (Japanther, Grace Potter, and more)

June 20, 2009

Contest - Largehearted Housecleaning x2 - Win 50 CDs + 50 Books

Shorties (Bonnaroo Downloads Update, Femi Kuti, and more)

Daily Downloads (Warren Zevon, Dark Meat, and more)

June 19, 2009

Book Notes - Tania James ("Atlas of Unknowns")

Shorties (Regina Spektor, Animal Collective, and more)

Daily Downloads (Polvo, Free Eagle and Talon album, and more)

June 18, 2009

Book Notes - Justin Gage ("Memphis & the Delta Blues Trail")

Shorties (2009 Bonnaroo Downloads Update, Sharon Jones, and more)

Daily Downloads (Ha Ha Tonka, The Low Anthem, and more)

June 17, 2009

Book Notes - Stuart Berman ("This Book is Broken: A Broken Social Scene Story")

Shorties (Bonnaroo Downloads, Bat for Lashes, and more)

Daily Downloads (The Clean, Fanfarlo, and more)

June 16, 2009

Try It Before You Buy It (June 16, 2009 Music Releases)

Note Books - Tiny Masters of Today (Ada)

Shorties (Phoenix, Deerhunter, and more)

Daily Downloads (Bowerbirds, A.A. Bondy, and more)

June 15, 2009

This Week's Interesting Music Releases (June 16th, 2009)

This Week's Interesting DVD Releases (June 16th, 2009)

Shorties (Regina Spektor, Bonnaroo, and more)

Daily Downloads (Fiery Furnaces, The Veils, and more)

June 14, 2009

Contest - Win David Wellington's Vampire Novels

20 Down, 32 To Go "The Eternal Smile" (52 Books, 52 Weeks)

Shorties (Blur, Michael Cunningham, and more)

Daily Downloads (Gomez, Justin Townes Earle, and more)

June 13, 2009

Shorties (Graduation Songs, Meat Puppets, and more)

Daily Downloads (John Vanderslice, Rock Central Plaza, and more)

June 12, 2009

Book Notes - Jean Thompson ("Do Not Deny Me")

Book Notes - Doug Dorst ("Alive in Necropolis")

Shorties (Blur, The Thermals, and more)

Daily Downloads (Fruit Bats, Grand Archives, and more)

June 11, 2009

Book Notes - James Hannaham ("God Says No")

Book Notes - Paul Hornschemeier ("Mother, Come Home")

Shorties (Bonnaroo, Brian Evenson, and more)

Daily Downloads (Free Sub Pop Sampler, Nathan Oliver, and more)

June 10, 2009

Antiheroines: Julia Wertz

Book Notes - Daniel Waters ("Generation Dead")

Shorties (Sonic Youth, Gomez, and more)

Daily Downloads (Morrissey, Rock Plaza Central, and more)

June 9, 2009

Try It Before You Buy It (June 9, 2009 Music Releases)

Note Books - Elizabeth Ziman (Elizabeth & The Catapult)

Shorties (Sunset Rubdown, Summer Reading, and more)

Daily Downloads (Skygreen Leopards, Throw Me the Statue, and more)

June 8, 2009

This Week's Interesting Music Releases (June 9th, 2009)

This Week's Interesting DVD Releases (June 9th, 2009)

Shorties (Dirty Projectors, Songs Inspired By Catcher in the Rye, and more)

Daily Downloads (Vetiver, Soft Black, and more)

June 7, 2009

19 Down, 33 To Go "The End of Food" (52 Books, 52 Weeks)

Shorties (Jeffrey Lewis, Concept Albums, and more)

Daily Downloads (Arbouretum, Bloodkin, and more)

June 6, 2009

Contest - Largehearted Housecleaning - Win 25 CDs + 25 Books

Shorties (Iggy Pop, Summer Songs, and more)

Daily Downloads (Josh Ritter, Wayne Hancock, and more)

June 5, 2009

Book Notes - Amelia Gray ("AM/PM")

Shorties (Free Titus Andronicus Album, Robyn Hitchcock, and more)

Daily Downloads (Yo La Tengo, Viva Voce, and more)

June 4, 2009

Book Notes - Josh Weil ("The New Valley")

Shorties (Dirty Projectors, Bjork, and more)

Daily Downloads (Living Things, Jon Hardy's Free Randy Newman Covers EP, and more)

June 3, 2009

Book Notes - Shawna Yang Ryan ("Water Ghosts")

Book Notes - Joshua Mohr ("Some Things That Meant the World to Me")

Shorties (Sonic Youth, Allen Ginsberg, and more)

Daily Downloads (War Tapes, Awesome New Republic, and more)

June 2, 2009

Try It Before You Buy It (June 2nd Music Releases)

Book Notes - Emily St. John Mandel ("Last Night in Montreal")

Shorties (Dirty Projectors, The Coraline Musical, and more)

Daily Downloads (God Help the Girl, The Cave Singers, and more)

June 1, 2009

This Week's Interesting Music Releases (June 2nd, 2009)

This Week's Interesting DVD Releases (June 2nd, 2009)

Shorties (EELS, Jeffrey Lewis, and more)

Daily Downloads (Son Volt, The Sounds, and more)