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June 16, 2009

Note Books - Tiny Masters of Today (Ada)

The Note Books series features musicians discussing their literary side. Past contributors have included John Darnielle, John Vanderslice, and others.

Tiny Masters of Today release their second album, Skeletons, today. Their high energy, lo-fi music has earned the teenagers deserved praise from Sonic Youth, David Bowie, and others.

NME wrote of the band's new album, Skeletons:

"‘Skeletons’ is playful yet cynical, catchy but ramshackle; it is, essentially, a far more consummate effort than logic dictates. So, though it’ll be a while before they shake off the inevitable age fixation, TMOT have produced an album that’s a stroke of genius regardless of age. They may be tiny, but they’re certainly masterful."

In her own words, here is the Note Books entry from Ada:

I love to read. I always take tons of books on tour. I even wrote a song called "Book Song" which is on our last album. I read a lot more than my brother does but I know he really likes Blake Nelson and S.E. Hinton. He also liked King Dork by Frank Portman but I haven't read that yet. These are some of my favorite books and writers.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J.K, Rowling

The sixth is my favorite but I would probably list them all. I like Harry and the Potters too.

The Mystery of the Third Lucretia - Susan Runholt

I don't normally like mysteries but this was really good. I said I liked this book in a newspaper in England and the author thanked me in her new book. It is called Rescuing Seneca Crane and it isn't out yet. I read it though and it is great.

Rock Star Superstar - Blake Nelson

This where we got our name from. Ivan wrote an email to the author asking if we could use the name of the band from this book. We are friends with him now and has seen us play a few times. Its a good book about being in a band. There is a running joke about people always getting the name of the band wrong. That actually happens to us all the time...Tiny Masters of Tomorrow, Tiny Masters of the Universe, Mini Masters. One of his books, Paranoid Park, got made into a movie.

The Straight Road to Kylie - Nico Medina

I wasn't old enough to read this but Ivan did and said it was really good. We invited Nico and his boyfriend Billy to be Zombies in our Hologram World video and they invited us to their wedding.

The Runaway Bunny - Margaret Wise Brown

This is by the author of Goodnight Moon but it is even weirder and better. My mom used to read this to is sort of sad.

Tiny Masters of Today links and mp3 downloads:

the band's website
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"Skeletons" [mp3] from Skeleton
"K.I.D.S." [mp3] from Bang Bang Boom Cake
"Pictures" [mp3] from Bang Bang Boom Cake
"Hey Mr. DJ (CSS remix)" [mp3]

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