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September 13, 2009

Shorties (Douglas Coupland, Yo La Tengo, and more)

The Guardian reviews Douglas Coupland's new novel, Generation A.

What was fresh and exciting in Generation X now seems glibly self-referential. Rather than finding a new vocabulary for this new age, Coupland has ended up producing a tired parody.

The Houston Chronicle profiles Dario Robleto, the sculptor whose artwork graces the cover of the new Yo La Tengo album, Popular Songs.

The Houston Chronicle ranks the Beatles' albums from best to worst.

The Independent reports that the Smiths' fanbase is stronger than ever, 22 tears after their breakup.

The Telegraph reviews Nick Hornby's new novel, Juliet, Naked.

Hornby writes so well that you can almost smell the birdseed odour of badly dried clothes combined with failure that pervades Annie’s house; his triumph, though, is to find infinite amounts of warmth and humour in this seeming world of desolation.

The Columbus Dispatch also reviews the book.

The Denver Post interviews music blogger Danny de Zayas of One Track Mind.

60 Second Recap offers quick video recaps of books.

At Amazon MP3: download Steve Earle's 15-track Transcendental Blues album for only $1.99.

Catch up with fall's book releases with my continually updated Delicious list of fall reading suggestions & articles.

Impose interviews author Tao Lin.

People like to talk about your relationship with Hipster Runoff, and you like to deny that you are Carles, yet you model his new shirts that say “I am Carles.” Are you trying to tell us something?

Carles and I were together in a creative writing class at NYU. He wrote long, elliptical, and often nonsensical (though in a manner that almost always, in my view, enhanced his marvelous work) stories about growing up in Texas, how he felt sad for the cattle, or what he thought was cattle—it might’ve been tumbleweed or a group of environmentally-friendly cars—in the distance, that he sometimes saw from his fourth floor bedroom’s window. Carles was a marvelous writer of unbelievable range and a deep understanding of Spanish. Today Carles’ blog gets “really mad hits” and has a very impressive twelve-month chart re Sitemeter. I’m proud of him. Sometimes a blog seems to get a lot of hits, based on Alexa, or something, but then when they link your blog you look at how many hits your blog is getting from their blog and it seems to be 20 or 100. When Hipster Runoff links your blog in the alt report it’s quickly apparent that his blog “actually” gets “mad hits.”

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