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October 1, 2009

Shorties (Chuck Klosterman, The Mountain Goats, and more)

At MN Daily, one of the catering staff at Chuck Klosterman's recent wedding recounts the experience.

My moment of Zen with Klosterman was brief. I served him his meat and potatoes and said, “I know you don’t want to get this on your wedding day, but I’ve read all your books and I think you’re awesome.” He shook my hand and asked for my name. I blurted out that I disc jockeyed for Radio K, as if to reaffirm my hipster-ness, and Melissa smiled and said, “Well, you should join us for a drink after your shift then.” They did not wait for my shift to get done; they rode off into the Minneapolis skyline in a horse-drawn carriage instead. I am not bitter; however, I am realistic: Klosterman would have to be a total idiot to hang out with a fan on his wedding night.

The Georgetown Voice and Daily Nexus review the new Mountain Goats album, The Life of the World to Come.

L Magazine interviews Daniel Nester, author of How to Be Inappropriate.

PopMatters profiles singer-songwriter Kris Kristofferson.

But for some reason, in the case of Kris Kristofferson, the public perception has long been that the man is an actor first, a songwriter second, and a musician at a distant third. There are many folks out there who’ve never heard Kristofferson’s recordings, for whom he’s just the pen behind “Me and Bobby McGee” or worse, the grizzled Whistler in the Blade films. Kristofferson’s early film efforts, particularly in A Star is Born and Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, were well received, but it hardly seems fair that a musician as talented as Kristofferson should go down in history as the man who starred in Millenium. Not the TV show, the Canadian science fiction movie. No one deserves that.

MinnPost profiles the Twin Cities' newest independent literary publishing house, Replacement Press.

“For a while, I felt really discouraged about the current state of books — when you hear about the state of readership among people under 35, you worry. But then I considered all the hopeful things happening with technology, such as Kindle and e-books, and I thought, it might be a bad time to be a big publisher, but it might be a good time to be a small publisher. It might be a good time to promote a vision that you don’t see in the marketplace or feel passionate about,” he says. “I said, ‘Someone should do this.’”

Free at Amazon MP3: the 21-track The Orange Mountain Music Philip Glass Sampler Vol.I.

The Houston Press shares an mp3 of Gabby Gillespie's Pilot cover, "Magic" (mentioned in Frank Portman's recent Book Notes music playlist for his new novel, Andromeda Klein).

CBC News profiles Montreal's Young Galaxy.

In a single interview, the Portland Mercury talks to Nicholas Delffs of the Shaky Hands and Charlie Salas-Humara of Panther.

Fresh Air interviews author Nick Hornby about his new novel, Juliet, Naked.

Independent Weekly examines the effect of Twitter on indie music marketing.

Indeed, Twitter serves as an EEG for the listener, monitoring tastes somewhere between the headphones and the cortical pleasure centers. Plenty of online services chronicle what someone is hearing:, for instance, creates charts from the music people are running through their iTunes. Users can even broadcast the song they're listening to through automated status updates on instant messenger services and on Facebook. And, of course, online outlets for music recommendations are legion—MP3 blogs, message boards, online magazines.

NPR is streaming last night's Sunny Day Real Estate show.

At Under the Radar, Of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes interviews Hall & Oates.

NPR's All Songs Considered notes Daniel Johnston's new iPhone game.

Matador's Matablog is streaming Kurt Vile's new album, Childish Prodigy.

We Listen for You shares videos of three new Battles songs.

Sea Wolf visits The Current studio for an interview and live performance.

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