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December 10, 2009

December 10th Updates to the Online Best of 2009 Music Lists

Today's additions to the list of the online best of 2009 music lists:

10 Cool Tips (albums)
2 Blog or not 2 Blog (top albums)
The A.V. Club (top albums)
The A.V. Club - Individual Writers (top albums)
All Scandinavian (best Danish albums)
Amplifier (top albums)
Annoyingly Boring? (top albums) - Austin (top albums)
Blog in Lo-Fi (best songs)
Bonnie Baxter (Shadowboxer) (best albums)
brokenbranches (best albums)
BurnTheJukebox (best albums)
Chromewaves (favourite albums)
Daily Egyptian (best albums)
DC9 at Night (best heavy metal albums)
Deckfight (favorite albums)
Don't Eat My Hoagie (top albums)
Ear Farm (top songs)
Fielder's Choice (top songs)
Filter (top albums)
F**ked Up (favorite albums)
Gears of Rock (top albums)
Gospel Music Channel (best albums)
The Hardest Button to Button (worst albums)
Hearwax (top albums)
I Had an Awesome Time (top albums)
In Rebas World (favorite albums)
Joe's Work and Travel from Down Under Blog (favorite albums)
Just Go Blog About It (best albums)
Juxtapositionaire's Blog (best albums)
The Lesser of Two (favorite albums)
The Long Cut (top albums)
Lucas Membrane (favorite albums)
Monitor Mix (favorite albums & songs)
Music and More (best albums)
Nashville Scene (top albums)
Neon Pollution (top songs)
The Oklahoma Daily (best albums)
Phantomchannel's Blog (top albums)
PopMatters (best bluegrass albums)
PopMatters (best world music albums)
Post Presentism (top albums)
The Quietus (reissues, compilations, mixes)
Radio Sweetheart Indie Pop Radio (best albums)
Radio Sweetheart Indie Pop Radio (best songs)
Rock Sound (top albums)
Rose Quartz - Shea (top songs)
Row Knows (top albums)
Seizure Chicken (best albums)
Shane Sweeney (favorite albums)
The Shield (best albums)
Snob's Music (best Canadian albums)
Sound on the Sound - Katelyn (favorite albums)
Stereogum - Gummy Awards (music)
Steve Schiltz (Longwave) (top albums)
Subservient Experiment (albums)
Surfing on Steam (top songs)
Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse (top songs)
That Girl with a Blog (top & bottom albums)
Under Moon and Mine (favorite albums)
Unwind (top albums)
The Walrus (favorite albums & songs)
Weekend (top albums)
WFMU - Bob Brainen (music)

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