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December 13, 2009

December 13th Updates to the Online Best of 2009 Music Lists

Today's additions to the list of the online best of 2009 music lists:

25 Hour Watch (albums)
Aaron's Adventures (top songs)
Adrian Mule (top songs)
Atlanta's A-List - Alex (best albums)
Auftouren (top albums)
Band Names from my Spam Folder (favorite albums)
Blog of mArS (top songs)
The Boom Box (top albums)
The Buffalo News (best albums)
Butch Slap (best albums)
Chicago Tribune (best jazz box sets)
Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster (favorite albums)
A Day in the Life (top albums)
Dead Clouds (best albums & songs)
Earbuds & Ticket Stubs (top albums & live shows)
ederBlog (favorite albums)
ederBlog (top Canadian albums)
Every Life Has a Soundtrack (favorite songs)
Fearing Americans (best albums)
Flying with Anna (best albums)
Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side (best albums)
Headphone Commute (top compilations & mixes)
Hollering Into the Void (top EPs)
Hyperbolium (favorite albums)
The Independent (best music books)
Internet Poison (top albums)
Isthmus (top Madison albums)
The Jo-Tel (top albums)
Kaylyne's Jukebox (top albums)
La Vie En Robe (albums)
The Long Way Home (favorite albums)
Los Angeles Times (world music albums)
Lightyears (favorite albums)
Menz on Music (most underappreciated albums)
Musical Pairings (top indie rock albums)
Owen Noone (top albums)
Pampelmoose (best albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Dan DeLuca (best local albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Dan DeLuca (songs)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Dan DeLuca (top albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer - David Patrick Stearns (best classical music)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Karl Stark (best jazz)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Nick Cristiano (best country/roots albums) (disappointments)
The Rock Blogger (top albums)
Shot from Guns (best albums)
Shred - Ashley (top albums)
Shred - Bekka (top albums)
Shred - Jess (top albums)
Shred - Kayley (top albums)
Shred - Poppy (top albums)
Shred - Steph (top albums)
So This Is What the Volume Knob's For (top albums)
Song-o-Matic (best albums)
Visual Madness (favorite albums)
XO's Middle Eight (best album artwork)

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