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December 16, 2009

December 16th Updates to the Online Best of 2009 Music Lists

Today's additions to the list of the online best of 2009 music lists:

1, 2, 3...Jamboree! (top albums)
23/7 (best albums)
7x7 (top Bay Area albums)
Agit Reader (best albums)
All Scandinavian Music (best Norwegian artists)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite folk albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite hip-hop albums)
Almost Four Stars (best albums)
Alpha Primitive (best albums)
Amie St. (best albums)
Amoeblog (top albums)
Antennas to Heaven (favorite albums)
Any State of Mine (most disappointing albums)
Audio Muffin (top albums)
Austin Town Hall (top albums)
BeatCrave (top albums)
Beyond Beyond Is Beyond (best albums)
Biomusicosophy (favorite albums)
The Bird List (albums)
Blac Lilacs (favorite albums)
BlackBook (hip hop mixtapes)
Bret Phillips (favorite albums)
The Bygone Bureau (best albums)
Carry You Away (best new artists)
charz2k (favorite albums)
Chicago Tribune (top Chicago indie releases)
Cocaine Blunts (best rap songs)
The Decomposed Blog (top albums)
Denver Westword (music industry saviors)
Digital Hygiene (best albums)
DOA (avant-garde albums)
DOA (hip-hop albums)
Double Dance (top albums)
Drowned in Sound (songs)
Each Note Secure - Caitlin (best albums)
Each Note Secure - Dave Rolfes (best albums)
Elev8 (top comebacks)
eMusic (best albums)
Erica (best albums)
The Factual Opinion (metal albums)
Gimme Noise (top downfalls)
Gonzo's Music-o-Rama (songs)
hearsoundswrite (best songs)
HearYa (top music videos)
Herokids (best albums)
Hollering Into the Void (top songs)
I Have Ordinary Addictions (top albums)
It's a Trap (top albums)
Kingblind (top albums)
Krypto's Cape (top albums)
The Lamp Post Blog (top albums)
LimeWire Music Blog (top metal albums)
Matthew Harper's Common Sense (top albums)
Matthew-Land! (favorite albums)
Music Maven (best albums)
Music to Traverse Hallways to (top albums)
Musings on Music (top albums)
The New York Rockmarket (favorite songs)
Nick Balkin (top albums)
Nova Slim (favorite songs)
NPR's All Songs Considered (year in music)
Nyevsky Prospect (albums)
Olga Loves Yuri (top albums)
The One Man Movement (themes in hip-hop)
Origami Vinyl (music)
Out of Touch (favorite albums)
The Panic Manual (best albums)
Plug One (top albums)
Pop Headwound (albums)
PopMatters (best Americana albums)
PopMatters (best country albums)
Popshifter (best albums)
Random Old Records (top albums)
The Record Review (best albums)
Reddit (top albums)
Redfraggle's Music (top albums)
Ronnie Vod Is Sick and Bored (top albums)
Scribbler's Laid a Big Juicy Log (best songs)
Seth Horan (top albums)
Side One Track One (albums)
Speedkills (albums)
Spinadoo Comics (best music)
Spinning Platters (top albums)
Stark Online (best albums)
This Is Cornwall (albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (top album covers)
Top Des Blogeurs 2009 (top albums)
Trek Light Gear (favorite albums)
Twangville (best albums)
Utter Trash (favorite albums)
The War on Pop (best albums)
Where Worlds Collide (top albums)
uReview (best reissues)
The Yorker (top albums)

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