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December 18, 2009

December 18th Updates to the Online Best of 2009 Music Lists

Today's additions to the list of the online best of 2009 music lists:

A.M. 180 (top songs)
All Songs Considered (top cover songs)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite jazz albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite pop albums)
Alter the Press! - Kevin Devine (albums)
The Alternative Ulster (best albums)
Anti-Gravity Bunny (top drone albums)
Breakfast for the Block (top albums)
Carry You Away (best albums)
Chosen for Grace (top albums)
Circle of Fits (best albums)
Clicky Clicky Music (top albums)
Culturebully (top songs)
The Culturephiles (top albums)
The Daily Times (best albums)
dailybeatz (top albums)
Dayton Daily News (top Dayton albums)
The Decibel Tolls (top albums)
The Diary of Antoine Roquentin (top albums)
Dog Gone Blog (best albums)
Dogmatic (top albums)
Drivetyme Onlyne (best EPs)
Drivetyme Onlyne (top albums)
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (favorite albums)
The Epoch Times (best albums)
Getintothis (top albums)
Gridface (top albums, EPs, reissues)
Heibrau (top albums)
Hotcakes (top songs)
iamdeepa on flex (top albums)
The Ignatius Record Review (favourite albums)
Illogical Compulsion (top albums)
Joe Couper (top albums)
Johnny's in the Basement (favourite albums)
Kata Rokkar (albums)
Kendall Bruns (favorite albums)
The Klog (top albums)
KUT (albums you are too cool to like)
KZUU (top albums)
Lazy Brighton (favourite albums)
A Letter for the Stars (best albums)
(London, ON): Burgeoning Metropolis (best Toronto albums)
Luxury Wafers (favorite songs)
Matador Records - Staff, Artists & Associates' Picks (music)
The Matt's Realm (top albums)
Melophobe (top albums)
Melophobe (top electronic albums)
Metal Sucks - Anso DF (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Axl Rosenberg (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Corey Mitchell (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Gary Suarez (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Matt Heafowitz (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Sammy O'Hagar (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Satan Rosenbloom (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Vince Neilstein (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Wingerschmidt (top metal albums)
Musicallyadd's Blog (top albums)
My Kind of Country (top albums)
Part-Time Music (favorite 7"'s)
Part-Time Music - Paul (top albums)
Pop Candy (top songs)
The Pop Cop (best songs)
Pop Ramblings (albums)
PopMatters (best reissues)
The Post-Rockist (favorite EPs)
RA (top songs)
The Rock It Out! Blog (top albums)
San Francisco Chronicle (holiday albums)
Shiny Tops & Soda Pops (best songs)
Single Malt Theory (best albums & songs)
The Sloppy Dog (best albums)
Sound Check (best albums)
Static TV Blog (top albums)
There Stands the Glass (best albums, songs, shows)
This Is the First Day of My Life (best & worst albums)
Time Out New York (best & worst music)
Underwater Explosions (top overrated bands)
Vague Space (top albums)
Vintage Clothing Unlimited (top hip-hop albums)
WCJ Radio (best jazz albums)
We Shot JR (best albums)
WhatsUpMovement (top albums)
yr face is an eames rocker (albums)

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