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December 19, 2009

December 19th Updates to the Best of the Decade (2000-2009) Online Music Lists

Today's additions to the list of the online best of the decade (2000-2009) music lists:

Abandoning Eden (top albums) (best R&B songs)
Absolute Radio (songs)
Action-Squad (favorite albums)
All Things Awesome (top songs)
And the Ash (favorite albums)
Animal Noises Music Blog (most prolific artists)
AOL Radio Blog (top metal songs)
AOL Radio Blog (top rap songs)
As I Run and Run, Happiness Comes Closer (top albums)
Backbeat Online (top indie rock songs)
Blogging About Architecture (top albums)
The Bob and Abe Show (favorite albums)
Boulder Daily Camera (best albums)
The Boy with the Thorn in His Side (top albums)
The Brainfart (top albums)
Burn the Hive (favorite albums)
Cirrostratus Blog (favorite albums)
Chef Diesel (albums)
The Conservative Journal (best Christmas albums)
Culturethoughts (most offensively annoying "new rock" bands)
The Daily Iowan (top albums)
The Daily Loaf (forgotten albums)
The Daily Loaf (Tampa music)
Devastating the Obvious (top albums)
The Diamondback (top albums)
Fairfield County Weekly (top albums)
Film Punk (music)
Geoausch (top albums)
Ghostly International (favorite albums)
Gimme Noise (hip-hop songs)
Gimme Noise (top iffy comeback attempts)
Give Me Your Handrew (top EPs)
Glide (best albums)
Go Erie (favorite albums)
HipHopDX (top albums)
Huffington Post (top global albums)
INDenverTimes (top songs)
Indiecaciones (albums)
Interminable Palaver (best albums)
Just Being Josh (top songs)
Kung Fu Bunny (most definitive albums)
The L Magazine (albums)
Letters Home from Camp (top albums)
The Library of Babel (best songs)
LimeWire Music Blog (top MCs)
Livedaily (albums)
The Local (top Swedish songs) (top albums)
The Marquee Blog (best albums)
The Matt's Realm (top albums)
McNutt Against the Music (albums)
Memorable Minutae (top albums)
Memphis Flyer (Memphis songs)
Metacritic (top artists & albums) (top albums)
Mix Position (best Hampton Roads songs)
The Morning After (top albums)
Muruch (best albums)
Music Vagabond (songs)
The Musically Inclined (top albums)
Musicart's Blog (top albums)
Naive Harmonies (top songs)
Nickell's Bag (best albums)
NYDiscovery (favorite songs)
The Oklahoma Daily (best albums & songs)
The Playlist (best film scores)
Pop Dollars Is Running This (best musicians)
The Providence Daily Dose (albums)
The Retrospective Review (top albums)
Sacred Cowpats (top albums)
Single of the Decade (songs)
Spinner (most over-hyped bands)
Spinner (best & worst reunions)
Starpulse (greatest albums)
Starpulse (greatest songs)
Suitcase Orchestra (top albums)
Sweensryche Sez... (top albums)
the_bastard_son (favorite albums)
There Stands the Glass (best albums & songs)
This Charming Mancub (favorite albums)
Times Colonist (music)
The Times Online (best pop & rock albums)
Tripcrazed (top international club bangers)
West Coast Sound (top anime themes)
What Is Groove? (best albums)
What Is Groove? (best songs)
Windfarm (favorite albums)
You Ain't No Picasso (favorite albums)

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