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December 24, 2009

December 24th Updates to the Online Best of 2009 Music Lists

Today's updates to the list of online "best of 2009" music lists:

17 Dots (top songs)
31st&Chi (top albums) (best R&B and soul albums)
Absolut Noise (favorite albums)
Ace to Ace (favorite albums)
Adam's World (top albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite electronic albums)
The Allmusic Blog (favorite indie albums)
AnAvidOpinion's Blog (best songs)
Antiquiet (best albums)
Appears (top albums & songs)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - David O'Brien (best albums)
Azltron (best albums)
Backbeat Online (best songs)
(Bark + Bite) (best albums)
Barnesy's Blog Party (top albums)
Barnesy's Blog Party (top songs)
Best of the Year Collection (best albums)
Blurt (top albums)
The Bob Edwards Show (best albums)
Boston Phoenix (top songs)
Brad Frenette (best indie rock Christmas songs)
The Broad Set Writing Collective (albums)
C76 Blog (best albums)
Captain Ahab (favorite songs)
Central and Remote (top albums)
Charleston City Paper (best albums)
Charleston Post & Courier (best albums)
chestysite (favorite albums)
Chewing Gum for the Ears (best debut albums)
Choke on Your Pop Culture (best albums & songs)
CKTK - CK (top albums)
Cokemachineglow (albums)
The Culture of Me (music)
The Daily Beast (best music)
The Daily Growl (top albums)
The Dallas Observer (best Dallas albums)
David Hearts Rock (favorite albums)
Dismantle. Repair. (top albums)
Dismantle. Repair. (top songs)
DOA (best albums)
The Dreamer and the Sleeper (favorite albums)
The Fire and the Rose (best albums)
Flagpole (favorite albums)
The Fortnightly (best albums)
FREEwilliamsburg (best albums & songs)
Fun Fun Films & Records (best albums)
Funky Jeff (top albums)
The Globe and Mail (great albums)
Gunshy Zine (good albums)
hearsoundswrite (top albums)
Hipster Collective (best albums)
Hit It and Quit It! (top songs)
Hits Are for Squares? (top albums)
Hope for the Nice Guy (top albums)
Houston Chronicle (top Houston albums)
The Huddle Formation (top albums)
I (heart) Icelandic Music (top Icelandic albums)
I Have Memories, Clouded by Sorrow (albums)
Ian Imhof vs. the World (top albums)
Il Buono (favorite albums)
Indie Music Filter (best albums)
InsideTimsHead (top albums)
Insulin Funk (best albums)
It's Not The Band I Hate, It's Their Fans (albums)
Jakarta Globe (top Indonesian albums)
Jon Setzen (favorite albums)
Juice (top albums)
JustLeftOfTheMainstream (top albums)
Kitsune Noir (favorite albums)
KPLU (blues albums)
Loft & Lost (top albums)
Long Island Press (best albums)
Loud Loop Press (top albums)
Love Me or Rip Me Apart (top albums)
The Mahmud Nama (top albums)
Martiniboys (most overrated & underrated albums)
MediArch (albums)
Metal Injection - Grim Kim (top albums)
Metro Canada (top Canadian artists)
Mookie the Dope (top hip-hop albums)
mrchair (best albums)
My Kind of Country - Chris Dean (top albums)
My Little Underground (top albums)
Naive Harmonies (sleeper albums)
National Post (best new indie Christmas songs)
New York Magazine (best music)
New York Observer (best jazz albums)
New York Rockmarket (favorite songs)
Nialler9 (best Irish albums poll)
Nicklas' Blog (best albums) - Autopsy IV (favorite albums)
Norfolk Democrats Blog (best albums)
Of the Week (favorite albums)
Off the Radar (best albums)
Ollie Law's Blog (albums)
Paste (debut albums)
Paste - Steve LaBate (best albums)
The Plugg (top albums)
Press on This (top albums)
Radio Flyer Review (best albums)
Radio Flyer Review (overrated albums)
Rant-a-Bit by Scott Hudson (best EPs & compilations)
Rawkblog (best albums)
Rawkblog (best songs)
The Rebellion (best albums)
Reviews/Resist (top metal albums)
Samorast (top albums)
Scheibe Says (albums)
Seattle Subsonic (favorite non-NW albums)
Shapednotes (albums & EPs)
Sickmouthy (top songs)
The Silent Ballet (top albums)
Skeptics and True Believers (top albums)
Skimskitta (top albums)
A Slice of Fried Gold (best albums)
Snob's Music (best albums)
Snob's Music (most disappointing albums)
Social Media and Technology Blog Boston by SchneiderMike (top indie albums)
Soulmate Records (top albums)
Sound-Revolution (top songs)
The Spark That Bled (best albums)
Spectator Blog (top albums)
Spencerstarnes's Blog (top albums)
Splice (top albums)
State (albums)
Stranger Dance (best albums)
Stu's Weekly Updates (music)
Stuff (best albums)
Stupidfresh (best songs)
The Tape (top albums)
Teriyaki Good Times (favorite albums)
think. one. love. (albums)
This Mornin' I Am Born Again (top albums)
Threevue (top songs)
Thus Spake Drake (top albums)
Today's Vegetable (best albums)
Too Many Sebastians (top albums)
The Torture Garden (favorite albums)
True/Slant (top songs)
Web Pen Blog (favorite albums)
Westchester Magazine (songs)
WhatsUpK (favorite albums)
Where Music Goes to Die (top albums)
Worst Songs of the Year (worst songs)
Wrestling Entropy (best songs)
Yes, but However! (favorite albums)
You Set the Scene (top albums)

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