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December 26, 2009

December 26th Updates to the Online Best of 2009 Music Lists

Today's updates to the list of online "best of 2009" music lists:

All Things Go (top songs)
AnAvidOpinion's Blog (best albums)
Andrew ex Machina (favorite albums & songs)
Andrew Martin Dotson (top albums)
anneonymity (best albums)
Aphera Music (top albums)
Austinist (top albums)
Blending with Machinery (best albums)
Bogart Scwhadchuck (favourite albums)
The Boombox (best songs)
The Boy on the Bike (best albums)
The Brown Tweed Society (favorite albums)
Cereal Robots (favorite albums)
Chaos Times Infinitely Many (best albums)
Church Going (top albums)
The Columbian (best albums you haven't heard)
Cool Music Central (top songs)
Confounded Fret Buzz (top albums)
Crustcake - Sean (best albums)
Crustcake - Van Damned (best albums)
CultureCatch (best new rock & electronic albums)
The Culturephiles - Greg (top albums)
Daisy O'Dell (favourite songs)
Dear Mr. Supercomputer (top albums)
A Deeper Shade of Soul (top songs)
Diary of Cool (best albums)
Diatribes by Joah (best albums)
Disquiet (best commercial ambient/electronic albums)
Disquiet (best free netreleases)
Doot Doot Doot (EPs)
Fallen not Broken (best albums)
Fast 'n Bulbous (music)
Feedback Loop (best albums)
Filthy Beats & Treats (top albums)
Fractions of One (best albums)
Fuel/Friends Music Blog (favorite albums & more)
The Gallant (favorite albums)
Go Listen to This (top albums)
Googly Eyes (best music videos)
Hip Hop Is Read (top hip-hop songs)
I Found This Song in the Road (top albums)
I Guess I'm Floating (best albums)
ilictronics (albums)
The Ill-ec-tro-nic (best songs)
In League With Paton (best albums)
IndianaIndianIntern (albums that inspired hipster baby-making)
The Isthmus (top Madison songs)
Leap in the Dark (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Andrew G
Letters Home from Camp - Brian Wooldridge (best albums)
LimeWire Music Blog (best indie albums)
Loud Loop Press - Audrey Leon (top albums)
The Low Five (favorite albums)
Lumino Magazine - Beezubov (top albums)
Lumino Magazine - Prato (top albums)
Magnet (best Americana albums)
Magnet (best beats/breaks)
Metal Odyssey (best hard rock albums)
MikeyPod (best albums)
Miss Informed (top albums)
The MiX UP (best R&B albums)
The Montreal Gazette (top albums)
The Muse in Music (top albums)
The Musicologists (songs)
The New Haven Register (albums)
New York Times (free jazz, funk, futurism albums)
Nikochan Island (best albums)
No Good Advice (top songs)
nyctaper (top concerts)
ObscureCraft (top albums)
Of Heart and Mind (top songs)
Off-Center Views (best albums)
omgnyc (albums) (top albums)
Pop Headwound (songs)
Pop Trash Addicts (best albums)
Pop Trash Addicts (worst singles & albums)
Progressive Delmarva (favorite albums)
Rant-a-Bit by Scott Hudson (top albums)
Rocks Off (top college-rockish albums)
The Roundup (albums)
SF Station (best albums)
Songswithoutwords (best albums)
The Sound of Indie (best albums)
Soundcheck (top albums)
Spotify (top songs)
theworstkids (albums)
The Thoughts of R. Smith (best albums)
Tipsy Pop (best albums)
Tolander (top songs)
Tonegazer (top albums)
Too Many Sebastians (top songs)
Tracks in Stacks (best albums)
Troubled Souls Unite (top albums)
Tympanogram Music Blog (best albums)
Tynie Thoughts (top albums)
The Urbanian (top hip-hop albums)
Washington City Paper (top jazz albums)
Wassup Rockers (favorite songs)
Waxy Yellow Buildup (best albums)
We Shot JR - Sweetmeat (best albums)
West Coast Weasel (albums)
The Wounded Jukebox (favorite albums)
Yoontunes (top albums)

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