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December 27, 2009

December 27th Updates to the Online Best of 2009 Music Lists

Today's updates to the list of online "best of 2009" music lists:

And I'll Never Be the Same... (favorite albums)
AndrewM138 (top albums)
Blogs Don't Need Titles (best songs)
Blue Air (top albums)
Canyon News (top songs)
Chris Begg (top albums)
A Colourful Life of a Gay Kenyan (favourite albums)
Cultural Zero (top albums)
Dave Maass (top albums)
Eigenwijze (music)
Fat Roland on Electronica (best electronica albums)
Harbor Astro Magic (top albums)
A Has Been That Never Was (top albums)
I Will Name Names (top albums)
In a World Called Catastrophe (top songs)
The Jacksonville Observer (best albums)
Jezebel Music (best rap albums)
Keep It One Hundred (top albums)
Lament for a Straight Line (best pop albums)
Loud Loop Press - Andy Kondrat (top albums)
The Machinations of Truth (top albums)
The Mediasaurus (best albums)
The Mediasaurus (top songs)
The Midpoint (top singles/EPs)
The Mind of the Dream (best hip-hop albums)
Music from a Green Window (albums)
Music Is Dead (albums)
Music When the Lights Go Out (albums)
My Headphones Saved My Life (favorite songs)
The Oregonian (songs)
The Pittsburgh Music Report (top albums)
The Porkchop Express (top albums & songs)
QH Blend (albums)
Reading Eagle (top albums)
(resonance of reforming) (top albums)
Rockaliser Baby (favorite albums)
Sad Songs for Immature Lovers (top albums)
Said the Sparrow to the Horse (albums)
The Self-Educator's Journal (favorite albums)
A Shot of Incilin (best albums)
The Silent Ballet (top songs)
Sketches from Memory (albums)
Spectator Blog (top songs)
Swan Fungus (top albums)
themusictionary (top songs)
This Must Be...POP! (songs)
This Space for Rent (top albums)
Toronto Star (alternative songs)
Toronto Star (Canadian songs)
Toronto Star (jazz, R&B, hip-hop albums)
Toronto Star (pop albums)
Trumblog (top albums)
Two Sides/Same Coin (albums)
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (best albums)
You Must Learn (favorite songs)

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