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December 29, 2009

December 29th Updates to the Online Best of 2009 Music Lists

Today's updates to the list of online "best of 2009" music lists:

5:4 (best EPs)
8/1 (best albums)
Adrian Sol (top albums)
Aireeland (top albums)
All Metal Resource (best & worst albums)
Amplified (best albums)
Another Day at the Office (favorite songs)
Arcane (top albums)
Audioholic Media (favorite albums)
Blazing Swarm (top songs)
The Blue Indian (top songs)
Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs (top songs)
Bob's Music Place (top albums)
Brotherherm's Blog (top R&B albums)
Budakid (songs)
But Kid, I'm a Pilot (best albums)
Catfish Vegas Presents... (best albums)
Cerebral Pop (top albums)
Chainsaw Justice (top albums)
Cheat to Win (best songs)
Cleveland Music Scene (best albums)
Colour (favourite albums)
The Daily Star (best songs)
Dallas Morning News (top albums & concerts)
Dark Southern Hearts (favorite albums)
davidlim (albums)
The Day (top albums)
The Devil Has the Best Tuna (top albums)
Enter the Shell (best & worst albums)
Entertainment Weekly (best albums)
Exclaim! (top songs from mediocre albums)
Express Night Out (albums)
Express Night Out (best albums & songs)
Express Night Out (songs)
Faded Glamour (favourite songs)
FizzyPop!! (favourite albums)
Flatline Music (top songs)
Flight of the Robberfly (favorite albums)
The Frisky (top breakup songs)
Gimme Tinnitus (top downloadable songs)
Go Flying Turtle! (best albums)
Grant's Blog of Obvious Interest (favorite albums)
Greenwolfman's Blog (best albums)
Guilt Free Pleasures (best albums)
Hard Rock Hideout (best albums)
Heartache with Hard Work (top songs)
heliumballoon (best albums)
I'm Just Saying (top albums)
Indie for Bunnies (best albums)
The Indie Handbook (best albums)
The Inno View (best albums)
It's Not The Band I Hate, It's Their Fans (songs)
The Jazz Clinic (top albums)
JazzWrap (best jazz albums)
Jukebox Junior (top songs)
Koolmuzone (top albums)
Koolmuzone (top songs)
KROQ (top albums) (favourite albums)
LA Weekly (top dance albums)
The Larry Page (albums & songs)
Latest Disgrace (top albums)
The Latin Jazz Corner (best Latin Jazz)
Letters Home from Camp - Annie (top albums)
The Light NC (top gospel videos)
Lilok Pelikula (top albums)
(London, ON): Burgeoning Metropolis (best Canadian albums)
Loud Loop Press - Richard Giraldi (top albums)
Mainly Music Meanderings (favorite vocal albums)
Medium Fries (top albums)
Mescla Sonora (albums)
Metal Excess (most disappointing albums)
Metal Excess (top albums)
Monsieur Seb's House (albums & songs)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best albums)
The Musical Box (top albums)
Musical Mover & Shaker (top artists)
Music Ruined My Life (best albums)
The Musings of Frank Gallardo (best albums)
My Personal Thoughts (top songs)
My World (favorite albums)
NPR (African songs)
NPR (metal & outer sound albums)
Off Season Commish (top albums)
Ohmpark (top albums)
Otago Daily Times (best & worst albums)
The Pansentient League
The Pattons (top albums)
Peace...Be Still (top albums)
Phillyist (favorite songs)
Pink Is the New Blog (favorite albums)
Preach Jacobs (best albums)
The Red Collision (favorite albums)
Rocks Off (best metal albums)
Refusion (favourite albums)
Robot Activate! (best albums)
The Rock and Roll Guru (favorite albums)
Rubbish (best songs)
Salacious Sound - Brandon Sprouse (songs)
Salacious Sound - John Roman (popular dance songs)
Silent Cacaphony (top albums)
Snob's Music (best songs)
Sofistar Music (top albums)
Soul Sessions (best male R&B albums)
Speed of Dark (favorite albums)
Stereogum (best late night tv performances)
Steve in Taiwan (best albums)
Strangeglue (top albums)
Stranger in a Strange Land (top songs)
The Subset (top albums)
Suvudu (top metal albums)
The Tape (top songs)
That High Lonesome Sound (top albums)
"Things" Is the Title of the Blog (top albums)
The Thrica Network (best albums)
Tom's Music Continuum (favorite albums)
Triangle Music (top albums)
Trinity Stardust (favorite albums)
USA Today (favorite albums)
Useless Film Snob Reviews (best albums)
Vague Space (top songs)
Verbal Gymnastics (top albums)
Wake Up and Smell the Music (best albums)
War on Sound (best albums & songs)
Waxing Philosophical (favorite albums)
WDPK (top albums)
What We Blog About When We Blog About Love (best & worst albums & songs)
When We Were Younger & Better (top albums)
Winnipeg Free Press (favourite albums)
The Wounded Messenger (top albums)
XO's Middle Eight (albums)
The Y! Music Playlist Blog (best albums)
YGC Is Dreaming (best JPop)
Zestpuncher (albums)

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