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January 5, 2010

January 5th Updates to the Online Best of 2009 Music Lists

Today's updates to the list of online "best of 2009" music lists:

#1 Hits from Another Planet (top albums)
1, 2, 3...Jamboree! - Tom (top albums)
Above and Beyond Mag (best albums)
Adtunes (top ad music)
Andrew Killick (artists)
Another Sucker on the Vine (top albums)
Arbitrary Judgment (best albums)
Arts: It's What's for Blog (best songs)
Audio Drums (best albums)
Aught Music (best albums)
Austin Public Library Blog (albums)

BackForty Presents (best songs)
The Bait Shop (favorite albums)
Berkeley Place (albums)
Between Every Rib (top albums) (top songs)
Biscuits, Triscuits... (top albums)
The Border Between Greece and Albania (best albums)
Boston Globe (best overlooked albums)
Boston Herald (music)
Brainarrhea (favorite albums)
BrokenTV (top remixes)
Buried Pleasure (top albums)
Bust Your Ear Drums (top albums)
Caipirinha Lounge (top Lusophone albums)
The Cajun Tomato (favorite albums)
The Cajun Tomato (favorite songs)
Chewing Gum for the Ears (best albums)
Christian Music Songs (top Christian albums)
Chronicles of a Londoner Groupie (best albums)
Close to the Edge (top albums)
CMSpin (top albums)
Columbia Tribune (best albums)
Congress Matters (music)
Corpus Christi Caller-Times - Alan Sculley (top albums)
Corpus Christi Caller-Times - Jesse De Leon (top albums)
The Courier of Montgomery County (top live shows & albums)
Cover Me (best cover songs)
Crawdaddy! (worst albums)
The Cultural Contrarian (top albums)
Cuppytalk (best albums)
Da Morgue - John (top albums)
The Daily Herald (top classical albums)
Dan Greene (albums)
De File (favorite albums)
Deaf Indie Elephants (best albums)
Den of Geek (best movie songs)
Deus Ex Malcontent (best songs)
Dirty Boots (top albums)
Doctorvee (top albums)
Dub Techno Blog (best dub techno)
Eclectic Eavesdropping (best albums)
Electric Skeleton (best albums)
EspyRock (top albums)
The Eugene Register-Guard (top Lane County, Oregon albums)
Exports (top albums)
Fallen not Broken (best music videos)
FensePost (best albums)
The Finest Kiss (favorite albums)
Fingertips (top free & legal mp3s)
A Firm Kick (favorite songs)
Fluid Karma (top albums)
Frayed Wire (favorite songs)
Free Jazz (musicians)
From Here to Obscurity (top albums)
Gimme Tinnitus (albums)
Gimme Tinnitus (mp3 blogs) (top songs)
Glue (top albums)
Government Names (top Baltimore hip-hop albums)
Gracing the Stage (best albums)
Grand Forks Herald (best songs)
Greencastle Banner (top albums)
Guitar Lifestyle (notable albums) (best albums)
Hiphop Culture (mixtapes)
Hot Gas (best songs)
Houston Chronicle (best albums)
Hype Machine - Music Blog Zeitgeist (best albums & songs & artists) (top music videos)
I'm a War of Head Versus Heart (favorite albums)
Impressionable Youth (favourite songs)
Intransit Audio (top albums)
IndieMuse (top albums)
Innerjoejoe (top songs)
Irish Independent (best albums)
JAZZzology (top jazz albums)
Jeffrey Geoffrey Blog (top albums)
Jeffrey Geoffrey Blog (top songs)
The Jeopardy of Contentment (favorite albums)
Joshua Zamrycki's Blog (best albums)
KAFM (best albums)
Karmic Life (top songs) (favorite albums)
KERA (best Texas albums)
Kevin Babbles (favorite songs)
Kingdom for a Voice (best albums)
Knuckles First (top metal albums)
The Kool Kids Thoughts (top albums)
Kris Ade (favourite albums)
Kristina's World (favorite albums)
Lend Me Your Brain (best albums)
Let There Be Night (best songs)
Lincoln Journal Star (best albums)
Little Umbrellas (best albums)
Live from Six Feet Underground (top albums)
Lizzyville (top albums)
The Lonely Note (favorite albums)
Lost in Pop Culture (best albums)
Lost Wing (best albums)
Machine Gun Funk (top albums)
Magnet (top albums)
Matt Chinn (top albums)
Mediaeater (best albums)
Meet Me in Montauk (best albums)
Merry Swankster (favorite songs)
Metacritic (best albums)
Michael Knows Best (best albums)
The Midpoint (top albums)
Midwest Broadcast (best albums)
Midwest Broadcast (best EPs)
Midwest Broadcast (best mixtapes)
Mike Roberto's Blog (top albums)
Modern Mystery (top albums)
The Music Is Me (favorite songs)
Musical Justice (top albums)
The Musicologists (best songs)
Musictalker's Blog (best albums)
New and Used Records (favorite albums)
New Chapters (best albums)
The Nicsperiment (best albums)
Noah's Canon (best albums)
NOW Toronto (best internet-only music downloads)
NYDiscovery (favorite songs)
On the Record (best albums)
Only a Little Bit (favorite albums)
Opus (songs)
Oregon Public Broadcasting (albums you may have missed)
Out the Other (favorite songs)
Owl and Bear (best albums)
Parade of Sound, Soul, Funk & Fury (favorite albums)
Paul Shirley (top albums)
Pissing in the Wind (favourite albums)
Prolly Is Not Probably (top doom albums)
Protestant Blog Ethic (best albums)
Popbytes (favorite albums)
The Queer Collegiate (top albums)
Rad Is Plaid (favorite albums)
Radio Free Silver Lake (best albums)
Radioactive Culture (top albums)
Ranting About Music! (top albums)
Record Geek Heaven (top albums)
Red, Blue & Purple (best albums)
Relevent (songs)
Rhapsody (best albums)
Right Hear (top albums)
Rubbing the Gecko (top albums)
Rubbish - Henry (best songs)
Salacious Sound - Ben from GoldenGloves (top songs)
Salacious Sound - The Frandisco (top songs)
San Jose Mercury News (top classical albums)
Sara Letourneau (top albums)
Scenekatie (top albums)
Scottish Friction (best albums)
Scottish Friction (best songs)
Shanghaiist (top Shanghai bands)
The Shanty Blog (best albums)
Shizuma's Blog (top albums)
Shotwithsound (top albums)
SodBlog (top albums & songs)
Sound Bites (top albums)
Sound on the Sound - Shane Tutmarc (top Seattle albums)
Sound Verite (favorite Twin Cities albums)
SoundsXP (music)
Speed of Dark - Uncle T (top albums)
The Speed of Silence (albums)
Spinner (top jazz albums)
Steoph (best albums)
Stylson Records (best albums)
Sucking Lemons (best albums)
Sucking Lemons (best songs)
Sweeping the Nation - UK Bloggers Poll (albums)
Syracuse Post-Standard (top Central New York albums)
T&G (favorite albums)
Tallahassee Democrat (music) (top songs)
thelastamerican (top albums)
Things (best songs & albums)
Think Fast, Live Fast (top albums)
This Twilight Garden (best albums)
Thoughts on Stuff (best albums)
Time Out Chicago (worst album covers)
Todd J. Stearn (favorite albums)
Tracasseur (best songs)
Trace Invader (favorite albums)
Transplanted in DC (music)
Trust Me on This (top albums)
Tuddd's Muddd (best albums)
Tympanogram Music Blog - Andy (best albums)
U2 Interference (best albums)
Unprofessional Opinion (favorite songs)
Unrescuable Schizo (favorite songs)
The Up-Turn (top albums)
The Village to the Blog (top albums)
WDPK (top electro albums)
We Are Hunted (top songs)
XXL (top albums)
Yellow Bird Project (top albums)
Youngan's on Their Grind (best mixtapes)
The Zen of Geek (best albums)

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