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January 1, 2010

Shorties (The Black Keys, James Ellroy, and more)

Patrick Carney of the Black Keys talks to the Chicago Tribune.

The Telegraph reviews James Ellroy's latest novel, Blood's a Rover.

He is not a reporter but a creator, perhaps a great one. His version of Sixties America is a triumph of imagination, both palpably real and overwhelmingly nightmarish: commentating on actual events is of secondary importance to him.

The International IMPAC Dublin Book Award has been awarded to American author Michael Thomas for his debut novel, Man Gone Down.

The Skinny shares a roadmap for new bands in 2010.

The Guardian's books blog lists the literary stories of the year.

The Louisville Courier-Journal examines if end-of-year music lists have importance.

AbeBooks offers a timeline of vampire it.

NPR's All Things Considered examines "the loudness wars," or the increased use of audio compression on commercial music.

"It really no longer sounds like a snare drum with a very sharp attack," Ludwig says. "It sounds more like somebody padding on a piece of leather or something like that," Ludwig says. He's referring to the practice of using compressors to squash the music, making the quiet parts louder and the loud parts a little quieter, so it jumps out of your radio or iPod.

The Oklahoman lists the decade's best periodical comics.

12 Zen Monkeys counts down the 12 albums that defined the dot com era.

The Sonic Youth Live Recordings Archive offers both lossless (FLAC) and lossy (MP3) downloads of live performances.

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