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January 17, 2010

Shorties (EELS, Jonathan Lethem, and more)

EELS are streaming their new album, End Times (out January 19th), in its entirety on the band's MySpace page.

The Observer reviews Jonathan Lethem's latest novel, Chronic City.

The Jakarta Post profiles singer-songwriter Ken Stringfellow.

The Columbus Dispatch interviews Jayne Anne Phillips, author of the novel Lark & Termite (out this week in paperback).

Q: It's hard to describe Lark & Termite without emphasizing the sad side. Do you think of this as a depressing story?

A: Not at all. I think that, in order to identify with the protagonists of good literature, we need to feel their losses and their challenges, because we all have losses and challenges in our lives.

The book deals with serious things, but it's extremely hopeful. It makes the claim that love defies death, and that the power of connection is stronger than the power of cataclysm, whether it's man-made or supposedly heaven-sent.

At Click Track, Washington post music critics debate the musical legacy of Johnny Cash.

The Salt Lake Tribune interviews author Audrey Niffenegger.

The Guardian interviews legendary musicain and producer Brian Eno.

On the synthesiser: 1

"One of the important things about the synthesiser was that it came without any baggage. A piano comes with a whole history of music. There are all sorts of cultural conventions built into traditional instruments that tell you where and when that instrument comes from. When you play an instrument that does not have any such historical background you are designing sound basically. You're designing a new instrument. That's what a synthesiser is essentially. It's a constantly unfinished instrument. You finish it when you tweak it, and play around with it, and decide how to use it. You can combine a number of cultural references into one new thing."

In the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Mark Athitakis reviews Joshua Ferris's new novel, The Unnamed.

Powell's interviews Ferris about the book.

NPR's Weekend Edition interviews Ringo Starr.

In this video, Glenn Danzig shows off his favorite books.

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