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July 16, 2010

Shorties (Guided By Voices Reunion Tour Dates, Jeffrey Eugenides, and more)

Tour dates for the Guided By Voices "classic lineup reunion tour have been announced.

Work in Progress is an impressive new blog by Farrar, Strauss and Giroux featuring editor and author interviews, audio and video of authors' reading, and much more.

Read editor Jonathan Galassi's interview with author Jeffrey Eugenides.

The Guardian examines the feminist backlash to the Twilight series, and offers woman-positive alternatives.

Fenuxe interviews comedian/singer-songwriter Margaret Cho.

The Boston Globe profiles Sleigh Bells.

The music on the group's debut album, "Treats" (N.E.E.T./Mom + Pop), which came out this spring, torches the conventions of both indie snobbery and clean pop tastes. Combining laser-blast guitars from the noisier corners of punk, Krauss's icy vocals, and pep-rally stomps copped from cheap electric beat stations, it lacks the delicate experimentation that most music critics have recently fawned over. This stuff might have more in common with Lil' Jon than Animal Collective.

The Guardian lists pop music's "undersung" heroes.

At Time, cartoonist Joe Sacco remembers Harvey pekar.

Paste suggests 50 new state songs for the 21st century.

The A.V. Club offers a primer for the books of Neil Gaiman.

State lists its top 25 albums of the year so far.

NPR is polling readers for the 100 best ever thrillers.

On sale at Amazon MP3: 4 Ike Reilly Assassination albums for $2.99 each.

Jeffrey Eugenides talks to the Guardian about the sequel to his novel Middlesex.

Kristin Hersh talks to the Irish Times about her new (and innovative) album and book release, Crooked.

"The idea came about out of frustration, really. I didn’t agree with a recording industry that stated that removing the dollar sign from the music equation (ie the cost) would result in the devaluing of music. I don't think you can devalue real music, but it was only a matter of time before the CD itself was devalued – it's just a piece of plastic. It's not a valuable object in itself, because music can only be measured in terms of its impact. I embraced that by giving music away, but many people want a shareable, tangible object they can hold. For me, it has to be intrinsically valuable, and a book still can be."

Barnes and Noble offers 50% off Criterion DVDs and Blu-rays through the end of July.

Win the 50th anniversary edition of Harper Lee's classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird and a DVD of the film in this week's Largehearted Boy contest.

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