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September 13, 2011

Book Notes - John Franc ("Hooked")

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book.

Hooked, written by John Franc (a pseudonym), is a fast-paced novel of sexual obsession.

Stream a Spotify playlist of these tunes. If you don't have Spotify yet, request an invitation.

In his own words, here is John Franc's Book Notes music playlist for his novel, Hooked:

"Some Girls," The Rolling Stones

"Some girls take my money, some girls take my clothes, some girls get the shirt off my back, and leave me with a lethal dose." Well, there's certainly a range there, and this range is wide enough to involve some cash.

"88 Lines About 44 Women," The Nails

Here's a line that evokes how the most experienced women make some men feel like that: "Jeannie had this nightclub walk that made grown men feel underage."

"You're My Alternative Girlfriend," Barenaked Ladies

"...I was gone back to a dream I dream to leave. My life with her is a bore, a worn-out metaphor, no more surprises up its sleeve." True and not true; the captain thinks his life is a bore, but he can't bare the thought of leaving it, and he is about to be very surprised.

"Californication," Red Hot Chili Peppers

While the song is about a different kind of professional sex, it's hard not to buy into these lyrics: "Destruction leads to a very rough road, but it also breeds creation."

"July, July," The Decemberists

"And the chickens how they rattle chicken chains." I've always thought of the guys in Hooked as those chickens.

"Why So Serious," Pink

"So if you're too school for cool, and you're treated like a fool, you can choose to let it go. We can always, we can always, party on our own...We will never be never be anything but loud." This all applies to the captain, even if the song is so far from his experience.

"I'm a Believer," The Monkees

"And then I saw her face. Now I'm a believer." This is exactly what happens to the captain at the park on his birthday, and convinces him that confession is the only way to go.

"Money Talk," The Pretenders

"You're so deluded, you think that I'm real. You pass your hormones off as love, for five minutes you feel." Not really, but the guys want the girls to be as close to real as possible.

"The End," The Doors

"This is the end, my only friend, the end." Ultimately the captain is torn between the depth of his friendship and the depth of his marriage; he has compromised both and gets neither. His only friend is indeed the end.

"House of the Rising Sun," The Animals

"Oh mother tell your children not to do what I have done: spend your lives in sin and misery in the House of the Rising Sun." This is the voice after the end, from beyond, it seems to me, after the captain has gone and yet still would like to have a last say.

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