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November 4, 2011

Online "Best of 2011" Book Lists (Q - Z)

For the fourth straight year, I will be aggregating every online "best of 2011" book lists I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade) online year-end book list collections.

A - C

D - J

K - P

Quickish (best sports books)
Quieted Waters (favorite books)
Quill & Quire (book covers)
Quill & Quire (books for young people)
Quill & Quire (booksellers' cookbook picks)
Quill & Quire (booksellers' graphic novel picks)
Quill & Quire (booksellers' picks for art and photography)
Quill & Quire (booksellers' picks for crime and mystery books)
Quill & Quire (bookseller's picks for international fiction)
Quill & Quire (bookseller's picks for international non-fiction)
Quill & Quire (booksellers' picks for LGBT books)
Quill & Quire (bookseller's picks for science fiction and fantasy)
Quill & Quire (bookseller's picks for sports books)
Quill & Quire (booksellers' picks for travel books)
Quill & Quire (fiction)
Quill & Quire (non-fiction books)
Quill & Quire - Steven W. Beattie (books)
Quilters Newsletter Blog (top quilt books)
Quirky Bookworm (best books)
The Quivering Pen (best books)
Quodlibets (favorite books)

R&R...Readers and Reference (favorite non-fiction books)
Rabid Reads (favorite books)
Rachel Ann Hanley (favorite books)
The Radical Journey (top books)
Rainy Day Gal (favorite books)
Ramblings of a Wife and Mommy (favorite books)
Ramblings Rarely Read by Others (top adult books)
Ramblings Rarely Read by Others (top YA books)
Random House (best of the book lists) - Michael Johnson (books)
Reach Beyond Your Limits (best books)
Read and Written (best books)
The Reader Bee (best books)
Read. Breathe. Relax (books)
Read Handed (best books)
Read It or Weep (top books)
Read Me Deadly (top books)
A Reader of Fictions (top YA and adult books)
Reading Addict (favorite books)
Reading Cause I'm Addicted (top books)
Reading Dispatches (best books)
Reading Envy (best books)
Reading Extensively (favorite books)
Reading Is My Cup of Tea (best authors and books)
A Reading Life (best books by pacific Northwest authors)
A Reading Life (best fiction)
The Reading Life (favorite books)
Reading Rants! (top books)
Readings (best book covers)
Readings (best book titles)
Readings (best books)
Readings (best books chosen by Australian authors)
Readings (best crime fiction)
Readings (best crime fiction by women)
Readings (best fashion and craft books)
Readings (best fiction)
Readings (best food & cooking books)
Readings (green books)
Readings (best foreign / translated fiction)
Readings (best graphic novels)
Readings (best kids books)
Readings (best non-fiction)
Readings (best overlooked books)
Readings (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Readings (books for literary obscurists)
Readings (foodie gift books)
Readings (best short story collections)
Readings (books for boys 9-12)
Readings (books for dads)
Readings (books for media junkies and politicos)
Readings (dystopian and post-apocalyptic teen fiction)
Readings (gift books for animal lovers)
Readings (gift books for babies and toddlers)
Readings (gift books for creative types)
Readings (gift books for girls aged 9-12)
Readings (gift books for grandma)
Readings (gift books for grandpas)
Readings (gift books for kids aged 4-6)
Readings (history books)
Readings (gift literary classics)
Readings (gift music books)
Readings (real world novels for teens)
Ready When You Are, C.B. (favorite books)
Rebecca's Book Blog (favorite books)
Red Hot Books (favorite books)
Reed Reads Book Reviews (best books)
reghardware (best e-book readers)
The Renaissance Christian (best books)
Reuters (best money books)
The Review Diaries (best books)
Richmond Times-Dispatch (favorite books)
Richmond Times-Dispatch - Jay Stafford (favorite books)
Richmond Times-Dispatch - Judith Chettle (favorite books)
The Road to Emmaus (top books)
The Roald Dahl Funny Prize (humorous children's books)
Robert Shenk (favorite books)
Robot 6 (best comics covers)
Robot 6 (favorite comics)
Rodney Welch (best books)
The Romance Reviews (best romance books)
Romance Writers of America (romance books)
Rowdy Kittens (best books)
Royal Society Young People's Book Prize (children's books)
Running with Tweezers (cookbooks)
RUSA (genre fiction)
RUSA (notable fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books)
Russell Blackford (top books)

Sabotage (top fiction)
The Sala-Blog (favorite comic books)
Salon (authors' favorite books)
Salon (best fiction)
Salon (best nonfiction)
Salon (overlooked science fiction)
San Antonio Express (best books)
San Francisco Book Review (favorite books)
San Francisco Chronicle (architecture books)
San Francisco Chronicle (art books)
San Francisco Chronicle (best books)
San Francisco Chronicle (biography, essay, and history books)
San Francisco Chronicle (children's books)
San Francisco Chronicle (Christmas books)
San Francisco Chronicle (comics/graphic novels)
San Francisco Chronicle (film books)
San Francisco Chronicle (food books)
San Francisco Chronicle (humor books)
San Francisco Chronicle (music books)
San Francisco Chronicle (nature books)
San Francisco Chronicle (poetry books)
San Francisco Chronicle (sports books)
San Francisco Chronicle (top books)
San Francisco Chronicle (travel books)
San Francisco Examiner (San Francisco cookbooks)
Sandusky Register (books)
Santa Clara Library (books for children and teens)
Sarah Enni (favorite books)
Sarah Webb (top children's books)
Sarah's Random Musings (best books)
School Library Journal (audiobooks for teens and tweens)
The School of Unlearning (best books for unlearning)
Sci Tech Watch (favorite books)
Scientia et Sapientia (favorite books)
The Scotsman (books)
The Scotsman (Scottish books)
Scribing Shadows (best books)
Scud in Real Life (books)
Sean Cummings (books)
Search 4 Balance (best books)
Seattle Times (best books)
Seattle Times (cookbooks by Seattle authors)
Secluded Charm (favourite books)
Second Act (best "best books" lists)
The Second Sentence (best books)
Seconds (best 2nd grade books)
Secret Scribbled (favourite books)
The Secret Thread (best books)
Sense to Save (books)
Serious Eats (favorite restaurant cookbooks)
Shari Green (favourite books)
She Reads Novels (top books)
Shearer's Bookshop (books)
Shearer's Bookshop - Megan (books)
Shedding Light (favorite books)
Sheery's Place (favorite books)
SheKnows (best books)
Shelf Awareness - Ron Hogan (top books)
Shelf Life (favorite novels)
Shelf Life (top memoirs and biographies)
Shelf Life (top movie books)
Shelf Life (top music books)
Shelf Unbound (top small press books)
Shelf-Employed (best children's fictional picture books)
Shelley's Blog (favourite books)
Shen Dove Style (favorite books)
ShoesTV (shoe books)
Shop Talk (best children's picture books)
Short Stories for Children (best books for children)
Should Be Reading (top books)
Sian Lile Makes (best books)
Signs of Life (favorite books)
Simple Bites (top cookbooks)
Simple Kids (books for parents)
Simple Mom (favorite books)
The Simple Pastor (best books)
Simul lustus er Peccator (top books)
A Sista's Journey (best books)
Slanted (favorite books)
Slate (best books)
Slaughterhouse 90210 (favorite books)
Small Business Trends (best motivational books for small businesses)
Small Business Trends (best startup books)
Smell My Life (best books for pastors)
Some Dreams Come True (favorite books)
Some Novel Ideas (best books)
Sommer Reading (favorite books)
Soundview Executive Book Summaries (best business books)
South Florida Gay News (favorite fiction)
Sparkle Motion (best books)
Sparks' Notes (top books)
Spectator (top iBooks)
Spectator - A.N. Wilson (books)
The Speculative Scotsman (best books)
Speed of Light (favorite books) (books for runners)
Spellbinders (best children's picture books)
Spinetingler (list of best mystery/crime fiction books of the year)
The Spiral (science fiction books)
Spirit Is a Bone (best books)
A Spirited Mind (books)
Spoiled for the Ordinary (favorite books)
Squid Ink (best baking books)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (favorite books)
StackedStacked (favorite books)
The State (cookbooks)
STB's Weekly Blog (best books)
Steven E. Wedel (best books)
Stevereads (best fiction)
Stevereads (best nonfiction)
Stevereads (worst non-fiction books)
Stories and Sweet Potatoes (favorite books)
Strange Chemistry (best YA novels)
Strategy + Business (best business books)
Strategy + Business (best business economics books)
Strategy + Business (best business ethics and aspirations books)
Strategy + Business (best business leadership books)
Strategy + Business (best business management books)
Strategy + Business (best business marketing books)
Strategy + Business (best business strategy books)
Strategy + Business (best business technology books)
Stray Thoughts (favorite books)
Stresscake (best books)
Student Life (best books)
Stuff and Nonsense (favorite books)
Stumbling Virtue (best books)
Stylos (top books)
Sugarscape (top books)
Super Punch (best comic book covers)
Supervised By Cats (top books)
Sustainable Cities Collective (best books)
Sweet Iced Tea (books)

Tablet (best Jewish children's books)
Tablet (gift books)
Taffy's Writings (favorite books)
Tales from a Hungry Life (best books)
Tales from the Reading Room (best books)
Talking About Teen Books (favorite books)
Taming Insanity (best books)
Taming the Bookshelf (top non-YA books)
Taming the Bookshelf (top YA books)
A Teenage Reverie (favorite books)
Telegraph (audiobooks)
Telegraph (biography)
Telegraph (celebrities books)
Telegraph (books on 9/11 and beyond)
Telegraph (children's adventure books)
Telegraph (children's historical fiction)
Telegraph (children's humour books)
Telegraph (children's picture books)
Telegraph (children's real life books)
Telegraph (cookbooks)
Telegraph (fiction)
Telegraph (fiction)
Telegraph (food books)
Telegraph (football books)
Telegraph (gift books)
Telegraph (history books)
Telegraph (memoirs)
Telegraph (music books)
Telegraph (reviewers and celebrities' favourite books)
Telegraph (writers' best books)
Ten Cent Notes (favorite YA books)
These Aye Mean Streets (books)
Things That Don't Suck (best books)
Thinking About Loud! (favorite books)
Thirsty Linguist (favorite books)
This Fluid Thrill (best books)
The Thought Fox (authors' favorite books)
Thoughts of a New Strength Coach (best books)
Thoughts of a Sojourner (top books)
A Thrill a Minute (favorite books)
Through the Looking Glass (best books)
Tie Ly Guh (books)
Tigress in a Pickle (best books)
Tim Hoiland (top books)
TIME (top fiction)
TIME (top moments in books)
Time 2 Read (best and worst books)
Time After Tea (top books)
Tiny Nibbles (top sex books)
Todd Sattersten (best business books) (crossover books) (best SFF art)
Toronto Star (favourite books)
Touchpoints (best books)
Trader Talk (favorite books)
A Traveler's Library (best travel books)
TrinKids Tuscaloosa (top books)
Toronto Star (top books)

Under a Blood Red Sky (top books)
Under His Wings (favorite books)
The Unset Alarm Clock (historical mysteries)
Uprooted Music Review (favorite books)
Ursa Major Awards (anthropomorphic books)
USA Character Approved Blog (top books)
USA Today (best books from independent publishers)
USA Today (best graphic novels)
USA Today (comics)
USA Today (graphic novel gifts)
USA Today (holiday picture books for children)
USA Today (photo books)
USA Today (romance authors' favorite books)

Vail Daily News (best books for younger readers)
Vampire Book Club (best books)
Vampire Book Club (top swoon-worthy heroes from novels)
Vancouver Sun (Canadian books)
Vancouver Sun (top books)
VegNews (best vegan books)
Verdicts (best books)
The Verge (books)
Vince Keenan (books)
Virginia Nelson (books)
Vogue (best books)
Voice of Truth (top books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Jason Diamond (favorite books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Tobias Carroll (most notable writing)

Wall Street Journal (best art books)
Wall Street Journal (best biography books)
Wall Street Journal (best books)
Wall Street Journal (best business books)
Wall Street Journal (best cocktails books)
Wall Street Journal (best history books)
Wall Street Journal (best humorous books)
Wall Street Journal (best movies books)
Wall Street Journal (best mystery books)
Wall Street Journal (best mystery novels)
Wall Street Journal (best novels)
Wall Street Journal (best photography books)
Wall Street Journal (best science books)
Wall Street Journal (best wine books)
Wall Street Journal (best books)
A Walrus Darkly (best books)
Warren-Newport Public Library - Kidspot (best mouse books)
The Warsaw That I Saw Was Not an Eyesore (books)
The Warwick's Blog (best books)
Washington Examiner (best books)
Washington Post (best books)
Washington Post (best children's books)
Washington Post (favorite DC cookbooks)
Washington Post (top cookbooks)
Washington Post - Ron Charles (favorite novels)
Watch. Connect. Read. (top children's books)
WBEZ (top books)
Wendy on the Web (best books)
What Not to Read (top books)
What's New in Books at CVL (best mysteries)
Whatculture! (top comic news stories)
Where the Writer Comes to Write (best books)
The White Coat Investor (best investing books)
White Noise of Everyday Life (books)
Whitney Hoffman (top books)
Willamette Week (top local books)
Wine Blog (wine, beer, and spirits books)
The Womens's Bookshop (favorite books)
WonderAli (best moments in comics)
The Wonderment (favorite children's picture books)
Woolly Mammoth Woolens (books)
Word Joy (favorite anthologies, poetry, and literary fiction)
Word Joy (fiction)
Word Joy (non-fiction)
Word Joy (women's fiction)
Word Sharpeners (favorite books)
Words and Coffee (best science fiction and fantasy)
Work-in-Progress (favorite books)
World Fantasy Awards (fantasy books)
Worlds in a Grain of Sand (best books)
Write Club (best books)
Writer, not (favorite fiction)
Writer Tamago (best books, stories, or comics)
Writer's Block (favorite books)

YA? Why Not? (top books)
The YA Sisterhood (top books)
Ya-Aholic (best vampire, werewolves, and faeries books)
YABookNerd (best books)
Yapdates (top books)
Young Adult Pageturners (top books)
The Young Folks (best books)
Yours for Good Fermentables (beer books)
YSF Magazine (top entrepreneurship books)
YumSugar (best cookbooks)

Zagat (cookbooks)
Zocalo Public Square (best nonfiction)

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