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December 26, 2011

2011 Year-End Online Music Lists Update - December 26th

As "best of 2011" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them as I have in past years, updating the master list daily.

If you post or see an online 2011 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

The Master List of 2011 Year-End Online Music Lists
Daily updates to the master list

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists), and 2010.

Today's updates to the 2011 Year-End Online Music Lists:

Abracadabra Zer0 (best albums)
Alex Hilhorst (best albums)
Art for Art's Sake Radio (top albums)
The Artful Misanthrope (best albums)
Backpackers Delight (favorite albums)
Blog Name Pending (albums)
A Bored Pessimist (top albums)
Charleston City Paper (top albums)
Chicago Sun-Times (best pop songs)
CKTK - TK (top albums)
Cokemachineglow (albums)
Copenhagen Post (best albums)
CultureMap Austin (best Austin albums)
CultureMob (best "best of 2011" music lists)
D. Gribbin (favorite albums)
Dancing Astronaut (top artists)
Death and Taxes (top songs)
Donewaiting - Chip Midnight (favorite albums)
The Epoch Times (best albums)
Exclaim! (most disappointing albums)
Exclaim! (top Canadian music videos)
Exclaim! (top NSFW videos)
Exclaim! (top rap mixtapes)
The Falcon's Nest (favorite albums)
Female First (breakthrough acts)
Folkways Magazine (best albums)
Galactic Tides (favourite albums)
Grand Rapids Press (best albums)
Hearingade (top albums)
HipHoPolitic Blog (best albums/mixtapes)
Hollywood Reporter (top albums)
I Heard a Song Today (top albums)
I Speak (albums)
It's Time to Play B-sides (top albums)
K (best drum & bass songs)
K (top drum & bass producers)
The Key (top Philadelphia albums)
KAMmentary (best albums)
Kathleen Peacock (top songs to write to)
KROQ (favorite albums)
Kumaboshi! (best albums)
Lefebvre on Media (favourite albums)
Lexington Herald-Leader (best albums)
Majamaki (top albums)
Mapped By What Surrounded Them (songs)
Me, and All My Friends (best albums)
Mixmag (albums)
Modern Post (best albums)
Monkey Defies Gravity (top albums)
Mostly Junk Food (top hip-hop songs)
Music. Defined. (top albums)
Music Minded (top albums) (best albums)
The National (best classical albums)
National Sunday Blog (favorite albums)
New Jawn (favorite albums)
Nialler9 (top albums)
No-Alternative Daily (best albums)
Non-Random Thoughts and Opinions (albums)
NOW Magazine (top albums)
Off the Radar (favorite albums)
Okayplayer (top albums)
Ology (top indie/alternative albums)
OMFG Music (best albums)
Orange County Register (best albums)
Ottawa Citizen (top albums)
Ottawa Citizen (top Ottawa indie albums)
Pastor Matt (best albums)
Pattern Against User (best albums)
Pedestrian (top Australian albums and songs)
Pop & Hiss - August Brown (top albums)
Pop & Hiss - Gerrick D. Kennedy (best L.A. hip-hop and R&B)
Pop & Hiss (Randy Lewis) (top albums)
Pop & Hiss (Todd Martens) (top albums)
The Pop Cop (best songs)
RCRD LBL (best dance albums)
Rolling Stone (best under the radar albums)
Rollo & Grady (top albums)
The Sala-Blog (favorite albums)
Salon (most underrated albums)
Salt Lake Magazine (albums)
San Antonio Current (best San Antonio albums)
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Blog No Evil (best songs)
Sentimentalist (top albums)
SheBomb (favorite albums)
The Silver Tongue (top indie hip hop albums)
Simple Mom (favorite albums)
Something Else! (top hard rock and metal albums)
Sound on the Sound (top Canadian albums)
Swan Fungus (top albums)
Taco Cart Productions (top albums)
Team Goldenplec (best Irish albums)
Their Bated Breath (best songs)
Trash Lounge (top songs)
The Truth About Music (top songs)
TWIST (favorite albums)
Tympanogram - Dave (best albums)
The Up-Turn (best songs)
The Voyager (best albums)
Washington City Paper (best Washington albums)
WDPK (top albums)
The Westovar(ian) (albums)
WOUB (albums)

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