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January 1, 2012

2011 Year-End Online Music Lists Update - January 1st

As "best of 2011" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them as I have in past years, updating the master list daily.

If you post or see an online 2011 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

The Master List of 2011 Year-End Online Music Lists
Daily updates to the master list

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists), and 2010.

Today's updates to the 2011 Year-End Online Music Lists:

#1 Hits from Another Planet (top albums)
Almost Gonzo (top albums)
The Artistree (favorite albums)
The Ash Gray Proclamation (top albums)
The Audio Perv (top albums)
Autostraddle (albums)
Baltimore's Very Own (favorite mixtapes/albums)
Bangkok Post (best albums)
Bass Bottom Feeder (top albums)
Beatnik (top albums)
Blinded By Sound (best albums)
Blonde on Ponde (favorite albums)
The Blue Walrus (favourite albums)
Boston Herald (top songs)
BrooklynVegan (favorite albums)
The Brown Noise (best albums)
Brutalitopia (top albums)
bss (best albums)
Buzz Bands LA (favorite albums)
The Cabinet of Prof. Kitty (favorite songs)
Californiality (top California songs)
Cam-Fu (top albums)
CancerMan (top albums)
Cassette Musique (top albums) (top albums)
Chromatist (favorite albums)
City Sound Inertia (top jazz albums)
Click Track (indie rock albums)
Coffee for Two (top albums)
Columbia Daily Tribune (favorite albums)
The Columbian (best albums)
Coolsville (top albums)
Country Universe (top albums)
CultureMap Austin (best Austin songs)
The Daily Beast (best albums)
Denouements (best albums) (albums)
Dummie Mission (best albums)
Eaten by Monsters (top albums)
EmptyWordsAreNotEnough's Blog (top blog)
Exile from Conformity (best albums)
Fervor Coulee (favourite bluegrass albums)
From a Mess to the Masses (best albums)
Gimme Tinnitus (favorite songs)
Given and Taken in Ink (best albums)
Golden Bloggen (top albums)
Harvest Moon Music (top albums)
Hickory Wind (favorite albums)
Hits Snooze Twice (favorite albums)
I Want to Give You a Headache (top albums)
In Sean's Opinion (top albums)
In That Quiet Hearth (top albums)
Indiefuzz (best albums)
Iruinclassics (top albums)
Jason in Hollywoodland (top albums)
The Kaje (top albums)
Kim Nunley (best albums)
Liberated Muse (top indie albums)
Mark Larson (favorite albums)
Mary Costa Photography Blog (top albums)
Me and Music Call It Insanity (best albums)
Mezzic - John (top albums)
Middleclasswhitenoise (favorite albums)
Music for Nomes (top albums)
Music Is My Drug of Choice (favourite albums)
New Age of Absurdity (top songs)
Nibbishment (top albums)
The Nicsperiment (best albums)
Nine Bullets - Autopsy IV (favorite albums)
Nine Bullets - John W. Allman (top songs)
No Gift for the Gab (best albums)
No-Core Blog (best albums)
NOW Magazine - Jason Keller (top albums)
On That Note (top albums)
On the Beat (best albums)
on-Tenori-on (top EPs)
on-Tenori-on (top music videos)
on-Tenori-on (top songs)
Partly Porpoise (albums)
Paul's Weekly Listen (favorite albums)
Pink Is the New Blog (top albums)
Plastic Beatitude (top albums)
Platform (best songs)
Pop & Hiss - Margaret Wappler (top albums)
The POP! Stereo (top albums)
Popbytes (favorite albums)
Primary Ignition (top albums)
Pwelbs (top Chicago albums)
Rhyme & Reason (best albums)
Right on the Edge (best albums)
Robert Spuhler (favorite albums)
Royalkeister United (top albums)
Salt Lake City Weekly (top albums)
The Setonian (top albums)
Sign on San Diego (favorite albums)
Sketches from Memory (top albums)
Spades (best albums)
spoiledBROKE! (top albums)
spoiledBROKE! (top DMV mixtapes)
The Styrofoam Drone (top albums)
The Synesthetic Fugue Incident (albums)
Tantrum (top albums)
Tapes on the Floor (favorite albums)
That's Deck (albums)
ThisAintThat (top albums)
Through the Shattered Lens (top metal albums)
Tulsa World (songs and albums)
Turtology (favourite albums)
Untitled Records (favorite albums)
Upside Sounds (top remixes)
Vancouver Observer (best indie albums)
The View from College (favorite albums)
Water Dissolves Water (top albums)
Winnie Cooper (top albums)
The Wounded Jukebox - Sean (best songs)

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